The Most Stylish Backpack Diaper Bags With the Kibou

How can one diaper bag type be the perfect diaper bag for everything?

Is it possible to "get through" parenthood with only one? Oh, sure. But let's be honest—who wants to just "get through" these years with your little one? You want to enjoy them!

And to enjoy those baby giggles, feeding times, and bounce back from blowout helps to have diaper bags by your side that make you feel prepared.

That said, we believe pairing the Kibou fanny pack diaper bag with some of these very stylish backpack diaper bags is something a new parent should consider - two different sizes and styles for different moments.

You have one bag with more storage space for longer weekend trips and a smaller Kibou with a foldable changing pad you can grab-and-go in seconds.

If you're registering for your baby shower or have just had a little one, you'll want to check this out.

Why would you want a backpack diaper bag and a fanny pack diaper bag?

Coming from a mom who only had a Carter's tote bag for a diaper bag when my children were born, hands-free options like a backpack diaper bag and Kibou fanny pack diaper bag would have been amazing.

High-quality diaper bags that could hold what I needed without slipping off my shoulder every time I bent down to pick up my baby or grab the car seat would have helped immensely.

Even though I'm late to the game, the Kibou diaper bag still helps me organize my stuff with my children, who are 9 and 7. It's one of my favorite bags, making life easier when running to ball games and carrying the essentials (keys, credit card, hand sanitizer, and snacks).

If you're debating which diaper bags to buy, both options purchased together are the answer. Below are several reasons why.

You have the option to carry less when you want.

Only having a backpack diaper bag limits your options.

Say you want to leave the house for a couple of hours to run errands. You may already have your hands full with the car seat, grabbing the stroller, and carrying those impromptu Amazon purchases you need to ship back.

Slinging one more bag on your back may not feel helpful.

Knowing you won't be out long, it may make sense to grab the smaller fanny pack diaper bag with a couple of diapers, wipes, a pacifier, an extra onesie, and personal items you need rather than the larger backpack diaper bag.

However, if you're venturing out for an entire day or a weekend trip, you may take the backpack diaper bag with extra diapers and extra clothes to have what you need as a backup. (You can keep it in the car while wearing your Kibou.)

You can utilize different diaper bag features based on the occasion.

Some diaper bags don't have a wet bag or waterproof pocket where you can store wet wipes or use them as your diaper bag's "soiled onesie" storage section.

But the Kibou bag does.

Depending on your backpack diaper bags, you may not have a removable changing pad like the Kibou, but you may enjoy the insulated bottle pockets.

Having two different diaper bag types gives you the flexibility to utilize helpful features from both and gives you options to switch between them depending on where you're going and what you need.

You can have fun with your style.

What's fun about having two diaper bags that will most likely double as your purse is that you can switch them out depending on your outfit and how you feel that day.

Maybe you're feeling the bigger bag, and the backpack diaper bag wins out.

Or maybe you want to wear a smaller crossbody bag with a cute new pair of jeans and sneakers.

Having two options to choose from where you can wear them very differently gives you fashionable choices while still staying functional and organized. A style win for moms!

Kibou fanny pack diaper bag in blush and the JuJuBe Zealous Backpack Diaper Bag

JuJuBe Zealous Backpack Diaper Bag and the Kibou Blush Diaper Bag Fanny Pack

My question to you is....are you feeling pink?

If so, the JuJeBe Zealous backpack diaper bag and Kibou blush bag are two cuties to consider.

What's fun about pairing these bags together is you've got two pink diaper bag options to choose from depending on how much packing room you think you need for what you're doing with your little one.


  • Both bags are easy to clean, with the JuJuBe Zealous diaper bag completely machine washable and the Kibou vegan leather bag easy to wipe clean from everyday wear.
  • The JuJuBe Zealous has comfortable straps, while the Kibou blush diaper bag has a free belt extender if needed.


  • The JuJuBe backpack diaper bag does not have a wet bag or compartment. The good news is that the Kibou has you covered with a waterproof pocket where you can store wipes, dirty bibs, and onesies while you're out.
Kibou fanny pack diaper bag in brown and the Caraa Nylon Baby Bag

Caraa Nylon Baby Bag and the Kibou Brown Diaper Bag

If you have the means to splurge, the Caraa Nylon baby backpack is one to consider—paired with the popular Kibou brown diaper bag, of course!


  • If tan or brown is your go-to color, these bags will have you styling!
  • The Caraa Nylon baby bag has outer pockets with a magnetic closure for pacifiers, bottles, or snacks that can be quickly grabbed.
  • The Caraa Nylon bag is also made of water-resistant nylon, while the Kibou is made of durable vegan leather that is easy to wipe clean.


  • Yes, the Caraa Nylon baby bag can be transitioned to a crossbody-style bag, but in case the weight distribution feels a little off for you, you've got your Kibou brown diaper bag you can switch out and still get the same style benefits.
  • The Caraa does not have a changing pad, but luckily, the Kibou has a high-quality removable changing pad that's compact and can easily be used between bags.
Kibou fanny pack diaper bag in black and the Itzy Ritzy Mini Diaper Bag

Itzy Ritzy Mini Diaper Bag and the Kibou Black Diaper Bag

The Itzy Ritzy mini diaper bag and Kibou Black diaper bag are sleek, making any mom feel good while venturing out. With your little one in tow, you'll surely get compliments.


  • The Itzy Ritzy mini backpack is one of the most affordable backpack diaper bags, coming close to the cost of the Kibou fanny pack diaper bag.
  • Both diaper bags have convenient front pockets, making it easy to quickly access items you need, such as a pacifier, keys, or cash.


  • The Itzy Ritzy mini diaper bag backpack does have a changing pad, but reviews have indicated how it feels very thin. The Kibou has a removable, foldable changing pad that can easily be shared between diaper bags.
Kibou fanny pack diaper bag in olive and the Ruvalinio Diaper Bag

Ruvalinio Diaper Bag and the Kibou Olive Fanny Pack Diaper Bag

If organization is your thing, then look no further to the perfect pairing of the Ruvalinio Diaper bag and the Kibou fanny pack diaper bag in olive.


  • The Rualinio diaper bag backpack and Kibou olive bag have a pocket specific for easy access to wipes.
  • For less than $150, you can snag both! The bonus is that both bags can also take you into the toddler stage, providing years of organized outings so you can enjoy the moment more.
  • The Kibou fanny pack diaper bag and Ruvalinio diaper bag backpack have waterproof exteriors, keeping them nice for longer.


  • If you need a break from all the pockets of the Ruvalinio, the good news is you can transition to your Kibou with only three main compartments-one for diapers and larger items, the waterproof pocket for wipes, and the smaller front pocket for cash, credit card, ID, and your favorite lip gloss!

Both Diaper Bag Purchases for the Win

The Kibou fanny pack diaper bag or a backpack diaper bag would be a good choice. Depending on your lifestyle, either would help meet your diaper bag needs. But if you don't have to pick one, here’s a hack:

Use any backpack that suits your style and sizing needs for the days that you need to pack a lot (lunches? towels and swimsuits? larger water bottles?) and toss your Kibou inside so that it's still easy to find your essentials. You don't scrimp on the essential functionality that's included.



Purchase your Kibou fanny pack diaper bag today.

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