Vegan Leather Diaper Bags & Other Cruelty-Free Shopping Tips from @CreaturesofGlow

creatures of glow

So who is this Jaycee and how did we find her?

I am a new mom, an entrepreneur, a lawyer, an animal advocate, and passionate about living a non-toxic and cruelty-free lifestyle!

All of these amazing things and yet we actually found Jaycee because she--absolutely unsolicited--wrote a glowing review of Kibou that we came across online. And we just had to know more about this person!

So many parents find their way to Kibou primarily because they are craving simplicity and a lighter weight solution, but you were primarily looking for a vegan solution. Tell us more about how you make your purchasing decisions as an animal-conscious consumer.

The way I evaluate purchases is always evolving as I learn more about the impact of my decisions and the types of things worth taking into consideration. I embrace each purchasing decision as an opportunity to progress as a conscious consumer, and realizing that it’s impossible to be perfect, I recognize the delicate balance of convenience, finances, and values.

When it comes to fashion, the first thing I evaluate, which I am absolutely uncompromising on, is animal friendliness. If animals were harmed or exploited to create a product, I don’t want to support that. There are so many wonderful alternatives to leather, fur, wool, cashmere, and other animal derived materials. It’s gratifying to know that when I support cruelty-free brands that provide fashionable solutions, I am increasing demand for cruelty-free options and reducing animal suffering. It’s a win-win. I also consider whether I am supporting a business that gives back and has values that mirror my own, whether the product and/or company is sustainable and eco-friendly, and whether the product contains harmful chemicals.

So is that what led you to us?

Yes! When my son Miles was born I was searching for the perfect vegan diaper bag. Initially I purchased two bags, both rather large, because as a new mom I felt like I needed to pack up my entire apartment just to get outside. My diaper bag was always stuffed with a change of clothes, diapers, wipes, blankets, toys, sanitizer, snacks, etc., and going outside became very stressful! I wouldn’t even unpack the bag, I would just keep adding to it. And my shoulders were screaming. 

creatures of glow

As luck would have it, the eerily on-point instagram algorithm served me an ad for the Kibou bag. I didn’t realize I needed a minimalist diaper bag, but I was so intrigued by the notion that fellow NYC moms had created a bag that would allow me to pack up everything I needed, no less, no more, in a tiny lightweight vegan solution. It was as if Kibou, and these moms, had given me permission to take less with me while assuring me that I had what I needed. New moms crave reassurance, and in turn, I craved this bag. I bookmarked it. I stalked it. And then I bought it.

It wasn’t a tough sell, either. Kibou checks all of the boxes for me--it’s vegan and cruelty-free, free of harmful chemicals, and Kibou gives back a portion of sales to mothers and children in need right here in New York.

More than a year later I can’t tell you the last time I packed up my big diaper bag! Sure a big bag has its place and purpose from time to time, but for my quick errands, daily walks, and even times I’m out and about without the baby, I default to my Kibou. 

creatures of glow

Pictured above is my Kibou bag in brown. While it’s no secret that fanny-packs are making a comeback, I actually prefer wearing the Kibou crossbody. Kibou states that this bag fits “only what you need, no less, no more…” and I think of it kind of like Hermione’s bag in terms of all of the things I’m actually able to fit inside of it.   

What is it about the Kibou that you enjoy so much?

I love the four thoughtfully designed and fully functional compartments, and I think this is the secret that enables this little bag to pack a big punch.

I have used the detachable fold-out changing pad more times than I can count. At the vet, in a bar, on top of a bed in a guestroom… all of the places you would expect to need a changing pad. The way it attaches to the bag allows me to use the bag itself as Miles’s headrest and change him easily and comfortably on the pad. And the pad rolls out and folds back up very easily. No fancy origami to master, just good old-fashioned user-friendly functional design. I love that the pad is attached with velcro so I can easily remove it and enjoy an extra empty pouch. I also have my eye on your first aid kit that fits into the back pouch when Miles outgrows the changing pad. 

I keep my credit cards, cash, and odds and ends in the front compartment, my phone and all of the stuff in the main compartment (a diaper, protein bar, rolled-up thin muslin blanket, change of clothes, sanitizer, etc.), and then of course a few loose wipes in the waterproof compartment which is just the coolest.

You mention that you're an entrepreneur, can you share a bit about what you're working on now?

Absolutely. I’m excited to share that I’ve recently launched a skincare product called Ranger Balm! It’s a clean, natural, organic, vegan, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly multi-purpose ointment that hydrates and soothes all skin types, including extremely dry, sensitive, and eczema-prone. I created it for my son, Miles Ranger, when he began developing rather severe baby eczema. It has become indispensable in our household and among family and friends, so I decided to take the leap and make it available to others as well!  

ranger balm

Don’t expect the Kibou to replace your massive day-bag, but it can fit everything you need, no less, no more. It’s great for a quick errand, a long walk, or a situation where you don’t need to lug tons of baby gear around.  

Mom tested, mom approved.


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