THE Diaper Changing Pad You Need for Your Baby

(And it comes in a diaper bag, too!)

Clean changing tables won't be everywhere you go. (Unfortunately:/)

I remember this sad realization like it was yesterday.

You'll have the not-so-clean restaurant bathrooms with no changing station and safety belt in sight. Blowouts will happen on a walk with nowhere to lay your baby down. Dirty diapers, and you will become close friends, LOL.

That's parenthood:)

But the good news is that you can pack a portable changing pad for those "anywhere" moments.

Here's what to look for in choosing the best changing pad, details about Kibou's changing pad parents love, and where your portable changing pad comes in handy!

Wipeable diaper changing pad

Best Changing Pad - What to Look For

Most parents plan to have a changing table with a changing pad when designing the nursery. It could be a spot on top of the dresser or an entire piece of furniture dedicated to all your diapering needs.

And it's natural to ask yourself, "What kind of changing pad is best?"

Every parent finds themselves wanting to purchase the best products for their baby. And with a lot out there to choose from, it's easy to get overwhelmed.

But there are a few key qualities every parent should pay attention to when purchasing a changing pad they plan to use while on the go with their little one.


Is it a changing pad you can easily take with you?

Portable changing pads that easily fold up (like the Kibou) and go with you on outings will save you when you need a place for a diaper change. There's nothing worse than needing to lay a baby down to change a diaper, and you have nothing clean to lay them down on.


You can bet you'll need to wipe your baby's changing pad down from time to time. (Hello, random poo!)

Look for a waterproof outer layer with your changing pad that you can easily wipe clean. With its everyday use, keep those extra wipes handy for your baby's bum and some pad cleaning. Then, once you get home, you can use a soapy, damp cloth (skip the harsh chemicals) to sanitize your changing pad, too.


You can also look for changing pads that indicate they are easily washable.

With the places you'll be laying your changing pad down (public restrooms, on the ground, etc.), purchasing a changing pad you can throw in the washer is not a bad idea.

You can also look for changing pad covers to take with you in case you need a backup cover to switch out in a messy diaper-changing situation.




Look for changing pads or a changing pad cover with a soft fabric.

You want to look for a foam pad that's comfortable and pleasant for your baby to lay on while you are changing them as quickly as possible. Some babies (and toddlers) squirm more than you think!


The standard size for a changing pad is typically 17" x 32". But for an on-the-go changing pad, you can expect something smaller. The Kibou changing pad is 12"W x 22"H.

Make sure your changing pad meets safety standards and is large enough to fit your baby's size.

High-quality material

Look for materials that are durable and water-resistant.

For a changing pad that travels with you, you want something easy to pack away and wipe clean quickly.

Mom smiling at baby on portable changing pad

The Kibou On-the-Go Changing Pad

At Kibou, the core purpose is to help parents feel less frustrated and weighed down by all the baby stuff and instead have more time to enjoy their little ones.

And it applies to how we designed our compact changing pad as well.


Traditional changing pads don't give you many options. But with the Kibou changing pad, you can keep it attached to your minimal diaper bag when rolled out or remove it entirely.

Both grandparents and parents especially love this feature.

"Five stars - Love This! This bag is even better than anticipated! I love that the changing pad is removable. It is roomy without being too big. I am a grandmother and wish this had been available when my kids were young. Perfect!- En D."


Other changing pads can be too big or heavy to take with you, but the Kibou on-the-go changing pad was designed with all your adventures in mind.

"Five stars - Perfect Bag! The changing pad is such a great addition! I love that the changing pad isn't bulky and comes out if you no longer need it. I want to buy one for all my mom friends! - Nichole M."


This portable changing pad fits right in one of the zippered pockets of the Kibou minimal diaper bag. All you have to do is unzip and roll it out when your little one needs to lie down for a change.

Moms love how the Kibou doesn't look like a diaper bag, yet it has a changing pad that you can use when you need it.

"Five stars - Love it! Love the compact changing pad that folds out to exactly the right size. The best part is that it doesn't look like a diaper bag at all. I can see myself using this for years. - Jessica H."


Diaper changes are no problem no matter where you are because the Kibou compact changing pad is easy to use anywhere.

It's especially great for quick trips out.

"Five stars - Perfect for running around! The perfect bag for running around with two kids. The changing pad is so convenient and the bag holds everything needed for a day out. Everything is quick and easy to access too. - Rebecca E."

Where to Travel With Your Diaper Changing Pad

Many parents want to feel prepared to travel with their baby, even if that looks like going to the grocery store or across the country.

Kibou's portable changing pad has proved there is no place it can't go.

These are just a few places moms and dads like taking the Kibou with our compact diaper changing pad included.

Mom changing baby on changing pad in the park

At the park

Going to the park is no problem. You and your little one can enjoy getting some fresh air. It's also a great time to enjoy fun playground time if they're old enough.

And if there's no bathroom for a diaper change, no worries.

The Kibou diaper bag with the on-the-go changing pad can be unrolled on a park bench or the grass for a quick and comfortable change.

Mom changing toddler boy on changing pad on a hike

On a hike

Some adventurous moms and dads want to spend more time in nature. And having the Kibou, with its compact changing pad, makes diaper changes on the trail easy.

Find a spot and roll out the changing pad. It's large and soft enough to keep them comfortable while wiping them clean.

Mom with baby and Kibou diaper bag with changing pad on the beach

Trips to the beach

Sand is not an issue! Our Kibou changing pad surface easily cleans up after a diaper change on the beach. Just shake and roll it back up.

If you're traveling to the beach soon, check out this mom-approved beach checklist!

Changing pad with baby on a plane

On a plane

And if you're headed on a flight, the Kibou diaper bag and compact changing pad have you covered. Talk about hands-free and parenting convenience while traveling.

Our minimal diaper bag is great for walking down those narrow aisles and changing your little one in those small bathroom spaces.

Here are some other smart travel hacks you may enjoy.

The Diaper Changing Pad for Your Baby

Like many products you'll end up purchasing, you need to find the changing pad best for you and your family's lifestyle.

If you plan on taking your baby out of the home, you want a changing pad that's portable, easy to clean, high quality, and convenient to use.

Decide on the qualities and safety features important to you, and purchase a changing pad you love.

Diaper Changing Pad FAQs

Are changing pads easy to clean?

Changing pads that are easier to clean have a waterproof cover or made of materials that make them easy to wipe clean after every diaper change. You can disinfect most changing pads with a wipe or soapy water. Having a changing pad that's easy to clean saves you time and makes your parenting life easier.

How many changing pads do I need to buy?

The number of changing pads you need to buy can vary. Having one changing pad in the nursery is helpful for those diaper changes at home. You may also want to purchase a diaper bag, like the Kibou minimal diaper bag, with a changing pad to make those on-the-go diaper changes much easier with your little one.

Can I use a changing pad on any surface?

When using your changing pad, you want to look for a flat and nonskid surface where you can lay your baby down for a diaper change. This could be a bench, on the grass, or the top of a dresser. Make sure the child is safely secured on the changing pad and you have all the diapers, wipes, and supplies you need to clean them.

How do you change a baby's diaper in public?

When changing a baby's diaper in public, look for a space off to the side or primarily out of sight from others around you (especially if others are eating). Make sure you have a soft space or changing pad where you can lay the baby down. You can change them on your lap or a bench while holding the baby with one hand at all times.

View our collection of Kibou minimal diaper bags, or purchase our compact changing pad today!

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