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The Perfect Grab-and-Go Bag That Fits in Your Big Diaper Bag (A Parenting Game-Changer!)

Kibou fanny pack diaper bag

When I became a mother for the first time, I didn't realize how much my diaper bag would be my new permanent accessory (along with my baby).

It would become the bag I would lean on to produce what I needed in various situations (including those infamous blowouts).



Extra onesie...hopefully!

But when I had my firstborn, all I saw were bulky bag options. It was traditionally a full diaper bag with multiple storage pockets that you slung over your shoulder and tried to balance with carrying an infant everywhere you went.

Fortunately, today is different. Moms have anything from a fanny pack (bum bag) diaper bag, crossbody bag, diaper bag backpack to much more stylish diaper bag totes.

With so many choices, is one diaper bag even enough? Or is the fanny pack diaper bag that fits in a larger bag the perfect duo? (I think so!)

Making the Perfect Diaper Bag Choice

Like women's purses, picking out diaper bags has a lot to do with your personality, lifestyle, and what makes your life easier.

And as a mother, I can see how two different types of diaper bags make a lot of sense.

Which diaper bag is best?

The short answer - it depends!

It's different for every parent.

Before selecting any diaper bag, determine what features you care about most. Then do your best to prioritize them into your must-haves vs. nice-to-haves.

Kibou fanny pack diaper bag inside bigger diaper bag

photo credit: @seasaloha Katy Hanley

Diaper Bag Features

Understanding the different features of a diaper bag helps with determining that priority.


You'll likely want a super functional bag regardless of whether it's for quick trips or longer outings requiring all the essentials.

Things like a changing pad and enough room for diapers and wipes are non-negotiable.

Any bag choice needs to function well with your family dynamic.

Is it both you and your partner carrying the diaper bags (maybe an adjustable strap is important)? Do both diaper bags need to accommodate essentials for a baby and toddler?


Then there's your personal style when picking out the right fanny pack diaper bag and larger diaper bag.

Are you going with a casual look with earth tones to blend into your wardrobe or perhaps something chic? Does it need to function as a dad diaper bag, too? Or do you care if it's got the unmistakable look of a diaper bag with baby elephants and multiple colors?

Understanding how big or how little you care about fashion will help you determine how style fits into your diaper bag choices.

Kibou fanny pack diaper bag inside diaper bag tote


Understanding where you're going to carry your diaper bag the most will help you nail down if the addition of a fanny pack diaper bag will help make your life simpler. (Speaking from personal experience- it will!)

Think about all the times you need to run into the drugstore quickly, grab the milk you forgot on the list, or walk down the neighborhood for a breather in the park.

What you need in many everyday moments can be broken down to what fits in a diaper fanny pack. And the bonus is you can be more hands-free. But then, to have peace of mind, you can always have a larger diaper bag in the car for those quick-ish outings where you want more baby essentials, just in case.


Whatever diaper bag you find yourself wearing, comfort is essential.

Maybe you want to wear it multiple ways, like fanny packs or a diaper belt bag? Do you strictly want a backpack option? It's important to know your body and which diaper bag types will feel most comfortable when you're out with your baby, and needing to stay organized and enjoy life.


Finally, how long do you want your diaper bags to last? Do they need to withstand some wear and tear? Should they be water-resistant and have a stain-resistant finish? (My answer is yes to all of these!)

Premium vegan leather fanny pack diaper bags are some of the most durable diaper bags you can purchase. With kids, the truth is messes and unexpected situations will happen. Having durable bags can make your parenting journey a little bit easier.

Dad wearing Kibou fanny pack diaper bag while carrying son

Fanny Pack Diaper Bag: Lightweight, Compact, and Your Go-To

The fanny pack diaper bag is known for several specific qualities and for making life simpler.


With the fanny pack diaper bag worn around your waist, you have your hands free to do everything else with the baby, from changing to holding to feeding them.


You have room for personal items such as keys, cash, credit cards, ID, hand sanitizer, and snacks. If you're lucky, your fanny pack diaper bag has a detachable changing pad, diapers and wipes (of course), and an extra onesie. (Or at least the Kibou fanny pack diaper has room for all this.)

Quick access

With it practically built into your body, it also makes it easy for moms to get quick access to what they need on the go. With babies and small kiddos, there are a lot of moments when you're in a rush and need to grab a wipe or pacifier quickly.

Versatile style

With many fanny pack styles, you can wear it around your waist, like a crossbody bag, or position it diagonally along your back. (That's three ways to wear your bag!) Not to mention the color choices and chic multiple ways to style your outfits with it too.

Waterproof pocket

If you're lucky, you'll get one with a waterproof pocket (like the Kibou), which lets you keep wipes wet for changes and dirty occasions. (No more dry wipes because the wipe bag wasn't sealed shut.)

Kibou fanny pack diaper bag with detachable changing mat for baby

Removable changing pad

And, of course, you can't forget the removable changing pad, which allows you to change your little one anywhere and anytime. Then once you're done, roll it up, and off you go!

Bigger Diaper Bags: Spacious with Organization Potential

Larger diaper bags equate to more room to store more stuff.

If you've got multiple children, are going on longer trips, or need to store the essentials for the baby and yourself, having a bigger diaper bag with more space can be helpful.

Ample storage space

In this bag, pack all the extra necessities like diapers, wipes, formula, diaper cream, a couple of pacifiers, burp cloths, swaddle blankets, and two sets of clothes.

This is your full diaper bag with all the extra essentials you can leave in the car or pack for an extended vacation.

Multiple pockets for organization

Perhaps you've got a pocket for a bottle holder or waterproof pockets to store your liquids and wipes? Multiple pockets allow you to take more of the daily necessities. Just don't forget to clean it out. (There's nothing like finding a days-old banana peel you threw in on the go and completely forgot about - yuck!)

Without a doubt, sometimes you need a big diaper bag for the baby and other essentials.

Kibou fanny back diaper bag inside beach bag for a pool day with kids

Favorite Places to Take Your Fanny Pack Diaper Bag

As a mom, I've found fitting my Kibou in larger bags for certain occasions especially helpful.

Pool day with the kids

This summer, my kids and I have enjoyed some last-minute pool days. And in a rush to grab towels and sunscreen, being able to toss my Kibou into my beach bag has made having my wallet and keys, along with other necessities, so easy not to forget.

Long day of errands

I sometimes need a larger tote if I'm running multiple places for the day. A fanny pack diaper bag is the best size to throw into larger bags, so you're left with carrying one bag vs. multiple. (It's already hard enough to juggle all the places you must go.)

Outdoor adventures

Then there are those weekend trips spent in nature. When packing up my duffle bag for camping, my Kibou is also a no-brainer to throw in. I've got my cash, credit cards, ID, and sunglasses. There's even room for a collapsible water bottle.

The bonus is having some wet wipes on hand and being able to strap my Kibou around my waist on hikes like a belt bag.

There are multiple advantages for parents with big diaper bags to also consider purchasing a smaller bag option like the Kibou fanny pack diaper bag for those quick trips and everyday moments. Why be limited to one option? There's definitely room for two.


If you’re looking for convenient, stylish, and minimal diaper bags, shop our different Kibou bags and accessories.

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