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Dad Diaper Bag to Buy for New Fathers (And a Men’s Diaper Bag Checklist Too)

Dad wearing Kibou diaper bag while playing with daughter

Dad life is messy.

There’s no getting around it. From spit-up to blowouts, babies bring with them love and a lot of messes to clean up.

And even though there’s no way to be prepared for every possible scenario that may arise as parents, you can ensure that you enjoy more moments and stress less with the right baby gear.

With our Kibou diaper bag, we make that happen. Carry only what you need - the ultimate dad diaper bag.

Should Dad have his own diaper bag?

YES! Without a doubt. Diaper bags are for dad too.

Babies and little ones have basic needs you can’t ignore. And every dad (and mom) needs the best diaper bag to carry all the required diapers, wipes, bottles, food, and snacks.

We hear from many dads that they need a men's diaper bag that fits both their visual style and their parenting style from a functional perspective.

So if you’re planning to go anywhere with your little one, you need a durable dad diaper bag to carry your must-have diaper bag essentials.

Dad wearing Kibou diaper bag carrying son

The Dad Bag: 3 Must-Have Features

Dad wants a diaper bag that’s simple. And it comes down to three basic features.

1. Convenience: Grab-and-Go Diaper Bags

Who wants to rummage through oversized diaper bags? Not many dads do when they already carry very little – a wallet, keys, and cell phone.

Think an oversized diaper bag slung over their shoulder will work? 

Nope, not likely.

Modern fathers want a men's diaper bag that’s easy to grab and serves as their "highspeeddad" bag. Good thing we have just the on-the-go solution and a top-notch diaper bag checklist to use too.

2. Durability: A Well-Made Men's Diaper Bag

Quality matters. And dad wants to go several places with a dad diaper bag he can trust. From morning walks to last-minute grocery runs, dad must have the best diaper bag to go where he goes.

And let’s face it – he needs a durable diaper bag.

That’s why the exterior vegan leather in our Kibou bag is a requirement we couldn’t compromise on. We knew it had to be high-quality and water-resistant for a busy dad (or mom) going to the pediatrician or playing at the park.

3. Style Versatility: Comfortable and Masculine Dad Diaper Bag

Let’s face it – many dads want a diaper bag that doesn’t “look” like a diaper bag.

That’s where the Kibou diaper bag is gender-neutral for every adult in the family (dads, moms, or grandparents).

Choose from colors like black, brown, olive, and others. You can also style it in several ways.

Wear it as a cool fanny pack or crossbody. You can adjust your dad diaper bag holding tired kiddos or sleeping babies in your arms.

Kibou diaper bag with portable changing pad and diaper bag essentials

Kibou is a Dad diaper bag to love

Named “Best gift for new dads” by Fatherly, the Kibou diaper bag is THE dad diaper bag for new modern fathers.

It's the best diaper bag with just the correct compartments and room for what you need on the go.

Men love that it’s a minimal bag. Our pockets in the Kibou have room for an insulated space to hold baby wipes and contain a fold-out changing mat.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out our reviews from real dads who have purchased our Kibou diaper bag.



"I’m a first-time dad, and I like to be on the move with minimal “stuff” for my baby boy. This bag fits perfectly with that idea. I like walking around and knowing it can just be my boy, me, and my Kibou! Highly recommend it to any parent out there on the go."




"This is a game-changer! Only holds the stuff we absolutely need, and I don’t feel like I’m carrying my wife’s bag around. Every dad should have one of these."


Dad wearing Kibou diaper bag with daughter at the playground

As a father of four, Bobby Brown recently talked to us at Kibou about how he balances it all between fatherhood and running for city council in Inglewood, CA. 

From homeschooling to camping, Bobby can’t remember a time out where he isn’t using his Kibou.

"The only time I take my Kibou off is when I get home. I wear it to the park with the kids, to the store, on date nights, while camping, to campaign meetings, to music festivals/concerts. I even wear it to client meetings. My Kibou makes showing up comfortably and confident easy."

-Bobby Brown

Kibou diaper bag with diaper bag essentials

What’s in a Dad diaper bag?

Now to the men’s diaper bag checklist, every new dad needs to know.

Packing the Essentials for Baby


No dad (or parents in general, for that matter) wants to be caught out with a crying baby that needs a diaper change with no diapers. Always include a few diapers for a quick trip out (even if you think you won’t need them).


Without fail, the moment you need a wipe is typically when some bodily function (either spit-up, throw-up, or blowout) happens out of nowhere. But no worries. The Kibou diaper bag has a built-in waterproof pocket holding 20+ wipes for literally any messy situation.

On-the-go changing pad

Whether at the store, in the car, or on a hike, you want an on-the-go changing pad to lay your little one down anywhere. Luckily the Kibou has you covered with a detachable changing pad that unfolds from the back flap.

Poop bags for dirty diapers

You better believe you’ll want extra bags to seal up those baby bombs or those soiled onesies if you’re out and about in a place that doesn’t have garbage cans. 

Pro Tip: If you aren’t using Kibou’s waterproof pocket for wipes, it can double as temporary storage for these items until you’re somewhere to toss or throw them in the washer.

Formula or breast milk with a bottle

Don't forget the formula or breast milk. Depending on how long you’re out, your baby may need to be fed, and the Kibou also has room for a bottle.

Extra onesie

For those blowout moments, you’ll want an extra onesie on hand. Sure, you could leave it at home. But we don’t recommend it.

Small toy 

Taking a rattle or toy for entertainment is a good idea. It's a nice distraction for your baby during a diaper change or sitting in a longer line than expected.

Spare pacifier

Every parent knows a pacifier will fall to the ground or get lost. It’s a given, and it WILL happen. Be prepared and take an extra one.

Extra bib/burp cloth

If you want to protect your clothes and theirs, a nice absorbent burp cloth or bib with a snap should be packed in your men's diaper bag. 

Lotion or baby ointment 

A small tube of lotion or ointment for your baby's diaper rash is handy.

Dad holding child and wearing Kibou diaper bag

Packing Diaper Bag Items for Your Dad Bag


Stock up on several travel sizes of sanitizer. Keep one in your dad diaper bag and one in your car to use after gross situations.

Spare t-shirt

For the spit-up moments when it’s more like projectile vomiting, having a spare shirt rolled up in your dad diaper bag is a good idea. It’s hard to tell when you’ll be out and need a change of shirt yourself.

Snack for dad

Nobody (and especially not dad) operates well on an empty stomach. Pack an extra protein bar in your dad diaper bag to give you an added boost of fuel when you need it.

Headache pain reliever

Sometimes you need pain relief fast, and having ibuprofen on hand helps. Having a water bottle for yourself to drink is also important for hydration.

Breath mints

Bad breath moments call for a breath mint. Take a few with you.


Dry lips never feel good, and having your chapstick provides instant relief when you’re preoccupied with caring for your little one.

Cash and ID

A must-have for your dad diaper bag. There’s really no more to be said.


Another mandatory if you’re expecting to go anywhere. Our Kibou has a compartment where you can clip your keys and know exactly where they are in those stressful times getting your little one in the car.

Phone and spare charger

Of course, you need to take your phone. If you have a spare charger, stick it in your dad diaper bag. You never know when your battery will be low.

Dad Diaper Bag FAQs

Can I use a regular bag as a diaper bag?

Yes, you can use a regular bag as a diaper bag. But don’t expect for it to be optimized for what you need when traveling with a baby on the go. Having insulated pockets, a built-in changing pad, and a waterproof pocket for wipes comes in very handy when you need to feed and change your baby away from home.

Is a backpack or shoulder bag better for diaper bags?

Choosing the right diaper bag for you comes down to your lifestyle and personal preference. Why not have both the Kibou minimal diaper bag and a backpack diaper bag? That way you have the hands-free Kibou diaper bag for a quick trip out of the house running errands. You also have the larger (backpack) diaper bag option to keep in the car with baby supplies or for longer trips away from home.

Father's Day Dad diaper bag bundle with bou boo bag

Treat yourself or get a new dad you know his very own dad diaper bag! It will be the dad bag of his dreams.

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