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Your Top 10 Essentials for Your Dog Walking Crossbody Bag

Dog Walking Crossbody Bag with Essentials

If you're a dog owner, having a good crossbody bag for walks is a must.

The best benefit? It allows you to be hands-free to concentrate on holding the leash and playing with your pup. It also ensures you have all the essentials for easy access while enjoying a stroll outdoors.

A well-packed dog walking bag can make all the difference in staying prepared. You want to take into account all types of weather conditions. (Especially walking your dog in the cold weather.)

Can you venture out without a few things? Sure. But if you want a walk to go a little easier, consider these 10 essentials to include in your dog walking bag with your furry friend.

What to Include In Your Everyday Dog Walking Bag

So what are the key items every dog walker should have in their dog walking bags? These are the top essentials for what to grab.

1. Poop Bags

This one is a necessity.

Never leave home without a good amount of dog poop bags for your dog's #2 moments. Store them in your dog walking bag or clip them on with a poop bag dispenser. Being caught without one is an awful feeling, and it's irresponsible to others who also use the same park or outdoor spaces to take walks.

You want to be considerate and always clean up after your dog.

Girl Sitting with Dog and Opening Up Dog Walking Crossbody Bag

2. Treats (For You and Your Pooch)

Bringing treats is very handy.

Dog treats are good for dog training and reinforcing behavior during your walks. If your pup knows he gets a tasty treat for listening, he will be more attentive. Just be careful not to keep your dog treats in direct heat or leave them in hot temperatures where they can go bad.

Oh, and taking a tasty treat for yourself, like a bar or trail mix, is never a bad idea, either.

3. Dog License and Contact Info

If your dog gets loose, it's a good idea to ensure the dog license is secured tightly on your dog's collar. Dogs taking off and running away can happen. Better to be prepared.

It also doesn't hurt to have any other registration or contact info documents tucked into your dog walking bag if needed.

4. Small Dog Toy

Need to get your dog's attention?

Having a small toy with you can do the trick. It can be the perfect distraction when you need them to focus on you. Just pick one that's compact enough to fit in your dog-walking bag easily.

5. Collapsible Water Bowl

It's important to keep hydration at the forefront of your mind.

Especially on warm days, you're pup may need a drink mid-walk. Carrying a portable, easy-to-pack collapsible travel dog bowl allows you to offer them a refreshing drink on demand.

6. Water Bottle

And how are you going to carry the water? You may need a drink as well.

It's important to have a collapsible water bottle that you can easily store in your bag. There's nothing worse than being out in the sun or going for a long walk without water on hand to drink.

7. LED Safety Light

Especially for pre-dawn or post-dusk walks, it's important to have an LED safety light clipped onto yourself or your bag so it can be clearly seen in the dark.

This makes sure you and your pup stay visible in traffic and can help keep you safe.

8. Basic First Aid Supplies

Depending on your needs, you may want to carry a small travel first-aid kit with some of the basic first-aid items.

It doesn't hurt to have alcohol wipes, hand sanitizer, bandages, and maybe even a set of tweezers if your dog gets something stuck in their fur or paws on your adventure.

Girl with Dog Looking in Dog Walking Crossbody Bag

9. Keys, Cash, & ID

Of course, there's your stuff—your keys, cash, credit card, and ID.

Don't leave the house without making sure you've got these items tucked into a compartment in your dog walking bag. The Kibou dog walking bag even has a handy key clip inside, so you never have to search for your keys in a hurry.

10. Phone

And last but not least, you can't forget your phone.

You never know when you may need it for some impromptu directions or need to make a call for assistance.

It also comes in handy if you want to put in an earbud and listen to your favorite podcast with your other ear free to pay attention to what's around you.

A Dog Walk Is Good For You and Your Pup

Having these dog walking bag essentials on hand ensures you're prepared for anything and focused on the moment with your furry friend.

Not to mention, regular walks are so beneficial. For you and your pup's health and happiness!

With the right dog-walking crossbody bag, you can better enjoy your time together and know you have all you need. Bring on those more peace-of-mind and relaxing moments.

What are you waiting for? Strap on your dog walking bag and get exploring!

Get your Kibou dog walking bag today! Keep the essentials by your side for you and for your furry friend.


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