Make Dog Training Easier With The Right Gear

Having a young pup is super rewarding. I mean, who doesn't love all those puppy snuggles and kisses?!

But just like kids, puppies can be a lot of work, especially if you want to focus on training them properly.

Having the right products and helpful resources can make the process smoother.

Below are some helpful tips and dog training gear suggestions to make you feel more confident and prepared to tackle this important milestone.

Having the Proper Dog Gear

Like so many events in life, sometimes having the proper gear makes it a whole lot easier. Training your dog properly is no different.

Quality Dog Collars and Leashes

Buying a high-quality collar and leash is probably one of your first purchases when you bring your canine companion home.

You want to look for:

  • Durable material
  • Non-skin-irritating fabrics
  • Lightweight composition
  • Proper sizing (snug, but not too tight)

Depending on your dog's breed and temperament, you may have to shop around. But it's good to do your research and pay a little more money upfront to have a higher-quality collar and leash that will last.

Harnesses for Control and Comfort

If you have smaller breeds where a collar isn't recommended, you may want to consider a dog harness. This could help reduce the strain on your dog's neck and potentially make walks more fun and productive for both of you.

Here are some of the best dog harnesses of 2024.

Woman with dog wearing her Kibou dog trainer fanny pack

The Right Dog Trainer Fanny Pack

Collars, leashes, or harnesses are important dog training must-haves. But having the proper and stylish dog trainer fanny pack is a big need-to-have for you.

There are certain features to consider in your dog trainer fanny pack.

Does it...

  • Have a zippered pouch for all those tasty pup treats?
  • Zippered pockets to store personal items like your keys, ID, and credit card?
  • A front zippered pocket for easy access to your phone?
  • A large zippered top pocket to store the poop bags and favorite dog ball?

These are things you've got to think about.

Could a basic fanny pack typically do the job? Maybe. But it's likely lacking...

  • A waterproof pocket for wet wipes to wipe your paws or theirs
  • A fold-out seat for your tush when you're at the park, letting them have fun
  • And plenty of room for their dog treats and your snacks

Does that sound like your kind of fanny pack? Then check out our Kibou dog trainer fanny pack.


Training Aids for Basic Commands

Having a clicker and enough dog treats is crucial to keeping your dogs' attention and training them on what is and isn't good behavior.

Clickers for Positive Reinforcement

Clickers are great dog training tools for rewarding positive behavior in your dog.

Typically, when they do something good like sitting or staying in place, you can pair the click sound with a dog treat to let them know that's a desired behavior you like to see from them.

Positive reinforcement with the dog treats and clicker helps your dog quickly understand and recognize what to do.

Easy Access Treat Pouches

And when training your new pup, the worst thing to do is run out of treats! So, you have to make sure that your dog trainer fanny pack has plenty of storage for your dog's favorite treats.

Kibou dog trainer fanny pack with waterproof pocket for wipes or dog treats

Ensure they are easy to access in a lined pouch for easy cleaning. Our Kibou dog trainer fanny pack has a waterproof pocket that can easily be used to store treats, keeping them fresh and easy to wipe out when needed.

Keep treats easily accessible with a treat pouch during training sessions. This allows for immediate rewards, reinforcing good behavior and creating a positive association with the training that you're doing.

What to Do For Dog Training Challenges

Every dog is different.

So, depending on your furry friend, you may experience some challenges while training them. And that's completely normal.

Excessive Barking

Is your dog barking too much? Try an anti-bark collar.

These are electronic training collars. And they range in terms of what they do to deter your dog from barking. It could be a vibration to try to distract them from a current situation, causing them to bark, or it could be a mild shock.

Of course, anti-bark collars have pros and cons, and you want to choose humane options that work best for you and your dog's well-being if you decide to use one.


Some dogs may end up pulling more than others, especially if they are larger animals, for which you need to be able to have more control over them in walking situations.

If you have a dog that likes to pull on the leash, you can look for a gentle leader. This can help give you some added control as the dog owner. This is a device that typically fits around their head so that you can guide them more on your outings.

Enjoy Training Your Dog

Having the right equipment and resources can help make training your dog successful. By investing in quality gear and being patient, you'll not only make training easier but also more fun with your pup.

Get your Kibou dog trainer fanny pack today! Keep the essentials by your side for you and for your furry friend.

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