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What to Pack in Your Dog Walking Bag for Cold Weather

Woman Wearing Blue Coat Hiking with Dogs

Maybe you never have to deal with cold weather (lucky you), depending on where you live. But if colder temperatures are the norm or part of the winter season, this dog walking packing list is just for you.

Because even when it's cold, it's good for you and your dog to get out. (As much as you may want to hibernate!)

Exercise is a good thing for our minds and bodies. And especially if you have a younger pup, they need somewhere to release all that pent-up energy at the end of the day.

But before bundling up and walking out the door, here are a few things to consider.

Essentials for Cold Weather Walks with Your Dog

You could indeed take several items on your dog walk. But the idea is to determine what makes the most sense given your circumstances and dog's needs.

Below are the minimal essentials to consider.

Dog walking bags

First things first. You've got to have a dog walking bag that's a great size to carry your things, including those poop bags.

The Kibou dog walking bag is a stylish and very practical choice. It's a dog walking bag with cool features like a waterproof pocket for wipes that come in handy for yourself or your furry friend. (Or convert it into your treat pouch for fast access.)

The Kibou has space for your stuff (no wallet required) and your dog. Not to mention, it has a foldable pad you can use as a seat in case there's nowhere dry to put your tush.

Finding the right dog walking fanny pack can provide the hands-free access you need while walking with your furry friend in the cold.

Personal items

There are certain personal items you want to have with you.

Think of your phone, keys, ID, cash, and/or credit cards. The last thing you want to do is step out of the house, lock the door, and realize you've left your keys inside. (And don't's cold out, too!)

The Kibou has a handy key ring clip inside the bag, so it's easy to know exactly where your keys are every time you leave the house.

Staying hydrated

Even in the cold, having some water on hand is important to stay hydrated. This collapsible water bottle folds nicely in your Kibou dog walking bag when you aren't using it.

Simply fill it up before your walk. Then enjoy some water for yourself and some for your pup.

It's also good to consider purchasing a collapsible dog bowl to fit in your dog walking bag that you can easily take with you. Using this all year round on walks in the winter or warmer months is great.

Woman Sitting Getting Snacks for Dog

Snacks for you and your dog

Snacks and dog treats are always a good thing.

Treats can give your furry friend extra energy or capture their attention when distracted by another dog or an unexpected event.

And is it ever a bad idea to have a snack on hand for yourself? (I think not!)

Safety considerations

Consider any reflective gear you or your dog may need to wear depending on the time of day.

Whether it's early morning or later in the evening when the sun is barely out, wearing appropriate gear or brightly colored clothing can help make others see you better.

Another important item to think about is having a flashlight. Many phones come with a flashlight option, but it's also a feature that can drain your battery quickly. Having a small extra one on hand that you can pack in your dog walking bag is a good idea.

Cold weather clothing

And without a doubt, you want to wear the appropriate clothing and footwear for cold outdoor conditions.

For yourself, you want to wear cold-resistant and wind-resistant materials to help you stay warm. For your furry friend, you may consider a dog sweater or booties for their paws.

Especially for smaller breeds, you may need to purchase winter dog clothes to make it more comfortable for them to venture out in the cold.

First aid kit

And whether it's winter or not, having a first aid kit is smart.

The Bou-boo bag is a ready-to-go first aid kit packed with supplies. Gauze pads, bandages, alcohol wipes, triple ointment can feel prepared to leave home with one on hand.

Other Dog Walking Bag Items to Consider

There are extra items you can think about taking in your dog-walking bag as well.

Personal comfort

Depending on how cold it is–and how long your walks are–consider taking some hand warmers.

Holding onto a leash for extended periods of time can make your hands cold fast. Hand warmers aren't the worst idea.

Chapstick or lip balm is also good to take with you. It doesn't take long walking outdoors and being exposed to cold rain or snow to realize in the middle of your walk that you'd do anything to have your favorite chapstick with you.

Navigation items

Your phone is great for getting directions, but just like using it as a flashlight, the more you use this feature, the faster it drains your battery.

If you're taking a winter hike in the woods, consider packing a map or compass in case you get lost.

Taking a whistle can be helpful in emergency situations when you need help, or it may be what you're using with dog training and need to bring it along.

Woman Wearing Dog Walking Bag with Dogs

Helpful Tips for Winter Walks With Your Dog

Anytime you decide to go for a walk in the cold with your dog, it's good to remember a few things.

Monitor the weather. You never know when temps will dip down unexpectedly or storms are set to roll in. Looking at the weather forecast before going on too far of a walk outside can save you from suffering unnecessarily.

The cold weather can be tough to tolerate for smaller breeds of dogs. Know your pet and be cautious of their limits.

Take only what you need. Sure, you could pack a lot, but only taking the essentials is necessary.

Lastly, don't forget to enjoy your time. Enjoy the moment (even if it can feel freezing), and embrace getting some fresh air with a furry friend who loves you.

Get your Kibou dog walking bag today! Keep the essentials by your side for you and for your furry friend.

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