Kibou Bag: The Brand, Reviews, and How to Pronounce It

If you've been on the hunt for a minimalist diaper bag or fanny pack diaper bag, there's a great chance you've seen Kibou at the top of your Google search.

Before I knew anything about Kibou, as a mom of an 8 and 6-year-old, I was on the hunt for the perfect bag designed to sit comfortably around my waist or crossbody so my hands could stay free. Having been out of the diaper stage for a while now, I needed something minimal to carry snacks, hand sanitizer, the standard purse essentials, and my favorite pair of sunglasses.

The traditional bag with an over-the-shoulder strap I had carried forever just felt too big and more of an inconvenience to lug around. But Kibou was a hidden treasure I discovered. And even though I haven't needed a diaper bag for quite some time, the Kibou vegan leather fanny pack in brown has quickly become my favorite bag in the house.

Woman wearing Kibou vegan leather fanny pack crossbody style

What Does Kibou Mean?

Kibou stands for "Keep It By You."

It's a hands-free bag any woman or man can wear (worn as a traditional fanny pack or crossbody bag) with beautiful vegan leather choices as well as nylon canvas options. With purchase, there's even a free belt extender if needed.

Kibou is the perfect on-the-go diaper bag but has more uses beyond parenthood.

It was created to help you feel less weighed down by stuff and more organized so you can embrace the present moment more and drink in life's experiences. And from my personal experience, I've found that to be exactly true!

How to Pronounce Kibou

Kibou is pronounced, "Key-Boo." Two consonants - simple to say and remember!

Who Owns Kibou?

Kibou was started by founders Nell Shapiro, CEO, and Stephanie Merks, CCO.

Their story started in a Brooklyn baby music class in their neighborhood with their two little boys. There, they found friendship in those early baby days, and it also kickstarted a minimal diaper bag concept they knew they needed to bring to life for other parents wanting to ditch the heavy diaper bag.

Mom and little boy with dog wearing a Kibou diaper bag in charcoal

Kibou Bag Review

Kibou is known for its deliberately minimal design and maximum functionality.

Parents looking for the perfect on-the-go diaper bag love Kibou, but they aren't the only ones. Grandparents have discovered how handy our diaper bag is as well. It can sit comfortably around the waist, and the detachable changing pad unfolds for diaper changes anywhere.

Fur baby parents have also found Kibou to be the perfect dog-walking bag. Complete with a waterproof pocket to hold wipes (because pups need them, too), it has just the right amount of space to carry personal items, treats, and dog-poo bags.

It's also a preferred stylish travel bag and an ideal grab-and-go bag for everyday life.

Kibou Diaper Bag

Not just for moms, this bag was designed with Dads in mind, too. was quoted calling Kibou "the best diaper bags for Dads that don't look like diaper bags."

Here's what another Dad had to say about us...

"Best...bag...EVER!!! I’m a first-time dad, and I like to be on the move with minimal “stuff” for my baby boy. This bag fits perfectly with that idea. I like walking around and knowing it can just be my boy, me, and my Kibou! Highly recommend for any parent out there “on the go." - Angelo"

Pros of Kibou Diaper Bag

The Kibou diaper bag has several benefits (and makes the perfect gift, too.)

"We bought this for our son for the upcoming arrival of our granddaughter. He loves it. Super soft material and easy to wear. It even comes with a little changing pad. The perfect dad (or mom) gift! - Christopher W.

Built-in waterproof pocket

Kibou bags contain a waterproof pocket to hold 20+ wet wipes for up to one week, or the pocket can serve as a storage space for a soiled onesie or wet items. It's a unique feature that comes in handy for these different situations.

Detachable changing pad

This unique fanny pack has a detachable changing pad that unfolds from the back flap, making it easy to change your little ones anywhere on the go.

Key or pacifier hook

Inside the main pocket of the Kibou diaper bag, there is a key or pacifier hook you can use so you never misplace your keys or your baby's soothing pacifier again. Inside this main pocket is enough room to hold a couple of diapers and other items like snacks and your phone.

Mom wearing Kibou diaper bag fanny pack with little girl

Durable and wipeable exterior

The recycled vegan leather bag exterior allows you to easily wipe it clean when your toddler has sticky fingers, or it gets a little dirty from regular day-to-day activities.

Sits comfortably on your waist or crossbody

The diaper bag is ergonomic with a 1.5" belt and buckle for you to be able to adjust to fit your body and style. When worn as a fanny pack, it also makes it easier for baby wearing when you need your little one snuggled against you.

Cons of Kibou Diaper Bag

The Kibou diaper bag was designed as a minimal diaper bag option. If you're looking to carry a full diaper bag with additional extra storage, this is not your bag.

But the Kibou diaper bag can be the perfect grab-and-go bag to fit in your big diaper bag. This allows you to have extra supplies to keep in the car or take with you on longer extended trips, with the option to wear a smaller bag still and carry less on you.

Woman wearing Kibou Mini fanny pack in blush on tropical vacation

Kibou Mini Bag

And if it's not really a diaper bag you're looking for, Kibou makes the perfectly sized bag called the Mini.

It's another stylish hands-free bag designed to store all your essentials (keys, cash, credit cards, phone, lip gloss) without all the extra kid stuff.

Kibou Mini Bag Review

"I just love the sleek new Mini Kibou. Because I have balance and mobility disabilities, I really appreciate the tiny size of the bag that does not weigh me down. It is large enough to include all my essentials in an organized way. The new features of an attractive metal clasp, additional credit card compartment, and evening purse detailing on the interior are very impressive. Thanks for helping me to make my life easier. - Diane H."

Vegan leather and water-resistant

The Kibou Mini brown and blush bags have a vegan leather exterior, making it super easy to clean with dish soap and a damp washcloth. This high-quality material stands up to the outside elements and everyday wear and tear.

Cute and stylish

The Mini is all about giving Momma her own bag where she still feels cute and stylish for her morning brunch meet-ups with friends or a night out with the one she loves. It comes in vegan leather blush and brown, and there's a black option made from premium nylon.

Main pocket for personal items

In the main pocket for the Mini, there's a built-in wallet for keeping your ID, cards, and cash organized. There's also a key ring, so you never have to dig looking for your keys again, as well as plenty of space for your phone.

Built-in waterproof pocket

And Kibou couldn't make another bag without its designated waterproof pocket to store some of those wet wipes or stash of hand sanitizer to pull out when necessary (because adults still get messy and need clean hands from time to time).

Cons of Kibou Mini Bags

It is a slightly smaller size than the original Kibou diaper bag. It's not meant to carry your kids' stuff like diapers and toys. So, if you need the space, the Kibou original may be what you're looking for.

Kibou diaper bag with fanny pack accessories

Cool Accessories for Your Kibou

There are a number of cute and convenient fanny pack accessories available to pack in your Kibou as well to make everyday life easier.

  • Bou-boo bag (our convenient travel first-aid kit)
  • Collapsible water bottle
  • Reusable shopping tote (for those last-minute grocery and retail needs)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Mini umbrella
  • Supergoop SPF 50 mineral stick
  • Supergoop lip balm
  • Supergoop SPF 50 lotion
  • Stasher snack bag
  • Zoku pocket utensil set

Or choose from one of these kits to keep you covered:

Finding the Bag to Help You Enjoy Your Little Ones More

The Kibou brand was created by mothers who get the stresses of life raising kiddos. Nell and Steph felt it in those early days with their firstborn babies, when all they wanted to do was carry the minimal diaper bag essentials and enjoy a fun music class with other moms. And it's why they continue to innovate and offer the Kibou fanny packs today. Life as a parent should be about feeling less weighed down by stuff with more peace of mind to enjoy your little ones. At the end of the day, these moments with our babies are really all that matters.


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