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A Dog Walking Bag You’ll Love (With a Packing List You Need)

Woman wearing dog walking bag fanny pack playing with dogs

If you have a furry friend, you're well-accustomed to taking walks.

When our shelter rescue, Bella, was younger, we walked daily. Our yard was small, living in the city. It was good for her to take a stroll in the late afternoon, but my husband and I also found it good for us. It was a great stress reliever and helped us wind down after work. And it was a moment I think all three of us looked forward to.

With those walks, I needed to carry multiple items (credit card, keys, phone). Of course, we didn't forget the dog walking bags for those successful poo moments, either. Then there were treats as well in case we needed to get her attention (especially while training her as a puppy).

Looking back, having a fanny pack to hold all that would have been helpful and convenient. Woman wearing dog walking bag fanny pack playing at the park

Best Dog Walking Bag Qualities

You want to consider several things when shopping around for a dog walking bag.

Not only does your dog walking bag need to hold items specifically for your pup, but it also needs space to carry items for you. You'll likely be out and about in the neighborhood and want to look and feel good wearing it, too.

The following are four requirements to consider.

Comfort and style

If it's a bag you're carrying with you on a walk, you absolutely want it to fit comfortably (and look cute, too). Hello, fanny pack or crossbody bags!

Shoulder bags tend to weigh you down on one side of your body when you're moving (and potentially running) with your furry friend, which is not ideal when you're on the go.

Choose a bag you can wear that feels good on your body and fits your style.

Hands-free for easy access

Walking with your dog means you need your hands free. After all, you need a nice grip with the leash in one hand and an extra hand to grab your phone or enjoy a coffee on your stroll.

Hands-free is a MUST, meaning your dog walking bag needs to strap on to you easily. A fanny pack style is great for easy access, allowing you to unzip and get what you need fast.

Treat pouch pocket

And of course, you can't forget the treats!

Make sure you have a pouch specifically dedicated to holding the dog treats you know your pooch loves.

Look for a dog walking bag with an insulated pocket to store treats so they can stay fresh. It also keeps the crumbs in one place when you're cleaning your bag out later.

Pockets for personal items

And sure, the focus is finding a bag to meet the needs of your furry friend, but you also don't want to forget that you need certain items on your walks together.

You want to ensure it has plenty of pockets to hold your essentials (keys, cash, credit cards, phone, lip balm).

It's a bonus to find a fanny pack dog bag with a key clip so you always know where your keys are when you're back home and ready to get in the door to relax. (The Kibou happens to have this cool feature!)

Woman reaching into dog walking bag for dog treats

Dog Walking Bag Packing List

Now that you know what to look for in the best dog walking bag, you also need to know what to pack.

Dog walking bag items for your pup:

  • Collapsible dog water bowl (especially on longer walks and hotter days)
  • Treats (for moments when you need to get their attention or help them settle down while you rest)
  • Dog walking bags for poo (these eco-friendly poo bags are great)
  • Wipes (for cleaning paws, wiping off mouths, or sometimes after #2 moments that need attention)

Or, if you want all of these items and more delivered to you, check out this fur baby kit with everything you need while walking your dog.

In addition to items for your pooch, here's a checklist of items to consider taking along for yourself.

Dog walking bag items for you:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Water bottle with water
  • Wipes (for you and possibly for your pooch)
  • Mini umbrella
  • Lip balm
  • Keys
  • Credit card and/or cash
  • Phone
  • Phone charger (optional if your battery is low or you expect to be out longer)

The Kibou can carry all of these items for you and your furry friend.

Man wearing dog walking bag fanny pack and lovingly holding his dog in his arms

Enjoy Your Pup With the Best Bag for You

Just like that day you picked out the right dog for your family, finding the right bag that gels with what you need is personal, too.

You want to find a match that feels right.

It helps if you consider your lifestyle, take inventory of what you need to carry, and look at what is functional and stylish for you.

No doubt, you'll discover a bag you love. More importantly, it will allow you to enjoy more time and moments with your loyal friend:)

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