Where to Buy Cute Diaper Bags in 2022

Searching for cute diaper bags? Whether you’re shopping for yourself or are looking for a gift, you’ve come to the right place. Not just because you can find plenty of options here at Kibou (our signature fanny pack diaper bags), but because we’ve compiled a list of the top spots where you can peruse the style that best suits the needs of any parent.

Whether you’re shopping for a new mom or a new dad, you’ll want to consider their personal style (size, color, material), lifestyle (active vs. traditional), and values (manufactured with sustainability, respecting human/animal life, etc.).

where to buy cute diaper bags in 2022 kibou diaper bag fanny pack

In all of the shops listed here, you’ll be able to find something that checks off all your boxes. Each of these businesses offers a unique story with a wide variety of products and multiple ways to shop. Can you find cute diaper bags that are also lightweight, keep your hands free and were made with human and animal rights in mind? Yes, you absolutely can find that and more below.

Purple Tree Mama

A family-owned business, this boutique has affordable, quality products for little ones as well as pre- and postpartum moms. This shop was founded by a mama who suffered a loss, and then used it as inspiration to help others. If you happen to live near Frankenmuth, Michigan, you can visit their store in-person. In addition to diaper bags, you can find many necessities for feeding, diapering, clothing, teething, and healing for new moms. Among their diaper bag selection are backpacks, belt bags, wristlets and pouch inserts.

The Tot

Products featured at The Tot must pass “The Tot Test” – a rigorous screening to determine the safety of various baby products by ensuring they are free from harmful materials or chemical ingredients. They also offer worldwide shipping, so if you’re shopping for someone outside of the U.S., they’ve got you covered. In addition to cute diaper bags, you can browse clothing, toys, feeding, travel gear and much more. The tightly curated selection of vendors featured here includes both small, family run businesses and trusted, established brands. Among their diaper bags are totes, backpacks, belt bags, wristlets and pouch inserts. 

where to buy cute diaper bags in 2022 kibou diaper bag fanny pack

Village Maternity

With hundreds of brands from cult and international houses to little-known labels, this family & woman-owned business stocks many options for both mamas and babies up to two-years-old. In addition to diaper bags, you can find many cute clothing options for mom while she’s still pregnant. All products available on this site must be made with respect for human beings and the environment, and must be free from toxic chemicals.  If you’re in the Seattle area, you can stop in and visit the shop in-person where they’ve been operating since 1983. You may have also heard of their class series, It Takes A Village, providing education and support to new parents. Featured in their diaper bag collection are totes, backpacks, belt bags, clutch changers, and insulated pouches.

Buybuy Baby

If you’ve already been browsing for a cute diaper bag – or any baby product – you’ve likely already visited Buybuy Baby. With 133 stores located across the United States and Canada, this chain (owned by Bed Bath and Beyond) offers just about anything you could possibly be searching for when shopping for baby or new parents. The diaper bag selection here includes every type of diaper bag and diaper bag accessory, in a variety of sizes.

Kibou baby shower bundle diaper bag fanny pack

Kibou Bag

If you’re looking for a small diaper bag, you’re in the right place already. Our signature fanny pack diaper bag is a trendy favorite among new moms and dads who are seeking a minimalist option. If you want just enough room for the things you need in a diaper bag and the ability to wear it as a belt bag or a crossbody, a Kibou is an excellent choice. If you’re shopping for someone else, you may also consider the Baby Shower Bundle that also comes with a Pop & Go Pacifier with a built-in case, wipes, sanitizer and first aid Bou-Boo Bag

Kibou bou-boo bag first aid kit

Still Not Sure What To Buy?

If you’re still not sure about what type of diaper bags will best suit you or the new parent you’re shopping for, no worries. We covered (in depth) the many different considerations of choosing diaper bags right here.  We’ve even sorted out the best type of diaper bag to buy according to personality type, and put it into an equation:

Who are you + Where you live + How you travel + What you like to do + # and ages of your little ones + Who will use this bag = Your perfect diaper bag 

For some parents, it’s form over function, and these moms and dads aren’t too concerned with how cute a diaper bag looks as long as it meets their needs. For others, the right style is an absolute must! We think there’s always a way to meet both needs.

Luckily, you should be able to find a cute design in just about every style thanks to the companies on this list.

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