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Choose The Right Diaper Bag To Fit Your Personality

Choose The Right Diaper Bag To Fit Your Personality

What’s most important to you when it comes to a diaper bag? Is it the size, number of pockets, the material or its overall look? Maybe it’s having a bag that both Mom and Dad can use comfortably. 

Every mama is different when picking the perfect diaper bag that meets her wants and needs. And t’s not uncommon for new moms to go through multiple bags before finding the right one. But we're here to try to demystify some of that for you.

Want to know how to choose the best diaper bag for you? There are several considerations. One place to start is to think about who YOU are and what you already gravitate towards. Your personality and your lifestyle--not just your little ones--inform your diaper bag.

If we put it into an equation, it looks a little bit like this: 

Who are you + Where you live + How you travel + What you like to do
+ # and ages of your little ones + Who will use this bag
= Your perfect diaper bag  

Every mama or papa has a “diaper bag personality”  that drives the type of bag they choose. While some needs are universal, every parent has different priorities. Below we’ve listed 6 diaper bag personalities that fit most. Which feels the most like you? The Jetsetter Mama 

When the Jetsetter mom (or Dad!) browses diaper bag options, they’re thinking “Will this fit under the seat in front of me, and into the plane bathroom?” While there’s not much travel happening right now, in more “normal” times you’ll often find them planning a weekend getaway for the whole family. If a Jettsetter mama is making time for herself, she’s likely not curling up with a good book at home, she’s planning a girls’ trip or a romantic weekend somewhere new and exciting. The Jetsetter parent enjoys time with the family by seeing the world.

jetsetter mamaDream stroller - Colugo

Kids’ shoe brand - Vans slip ons
Kids’ clothing store - Zara
Favorite non-diaper bag bag - Tumi
House guests see - photos from the latest tripThe Outdoors Mama

The Outdoors mama chooses a diaper bag like all of her clothing and accessories, asking “Will this withstand the dirt and rocks along the trail, and is it waterproof?” On the weekends, you’ll find her and the family hiking, camping, or trying out a family-friendly rock-climbing wall. If an outdoor-loving mama gets time to herself, she’s probably taking a solo walk through the woods. The Outdoors mama bonds with her little ones through fresh air adventures.outdoorsy mama

Dream stroller - Baby Jogger
Kids’ shoe brand - Keen
Kids’ clothing store - Anywhere, so long as they are durable
Favorite non-diaper bag bag - Topo backpack
House guests see - Muddy shoes by the front doorThe Prepared For Anything Mama

Always thinking ahead, the Prepared for Anything Mama looks at diaper bags and asks, “Can I fit three bottles and two changes of clothes with all the diapers and snacks we’ll need?” On the weekends, you’ll probably find her and the kids heading from Target to the farmer’s market, and then to the soccer. When this super-prepared mama gets time for herself, she’s running errands and Amazon priming the latest baby gear so that she’s ready for when she doesn’t have the time. A Prepared For Anything Mama makes the most of each day with a schedule packed full of activities.prepared for anything mamaDream stroller - Bugaboo Donkey
Kids’ shoe brand - Nike sneakers
Kids’ clothing store - Target
Favorite non-diaper bag bag - State backpack
House guests see - Lots of toys, evidence of activity

The Fashion-Focused Mama

The aesthetic of a diaper bag is very important to a Fashion-Focused Mama, so when she’s shopping for one, they’re thinking something like: “Which one goes best with my new fall jacket?” On the weekends, you’ll likely see her and the family brunching on the terrace of their favorite restaurant. If the fashionista has time to herself, she's likely having drinks with friends at a trendy new spot. The Fashion-Focused Mama keeps her family current and cultured by enjoying good museums and great food.

fashion focused

Dream stroller - Cybex Priam
Kids’ shoe brand - Boden
Kids’ clothing store - Saks
Favorite non-diaper bag bag - Goyard tote
House guests see - Luxurious throw blanket over a trendy couchThe Minimalist Mama

Looking for a diaper bag that gets the job done with little fuss, the Minimalist Mama will look at her options and ask: “Is it small enough to be lightweight on my body and out of the way?” On the weekends, you’ll probably find her with the kids at the playground. If a Minimalist Mama has time to herself, she’s probably purging her closet in true Marie Kondo fashion. Minimalist moms and dads keep their family happy through movie nights and simple pleasures.minimalist mamaDream stroller - Yoyo

Kids’ shoe brand - Natives
Kids’ clothing store - Uniqlo
Favorite non-diaper bag bag - Graphic canvas tote
House guests see - Little clutter, many organizational basketsThe Environmental Mama

While they may also be concerned with organization or size, the most important thing Environmentalist parents ask when buying a diaper bag: “Is this bag made of sustainable materials?” On the weekends, you’ll find them with the family out in the garden. If the Environmental Mama gets a free morning to herself, she’ll probably spend it doing yoga in the park. Environmental moms and dads enjoy cooking together as a family and spending time outdoors.

environmentalist mamaDream stroller - Greentom

Kids’ shoe brand - Veja sneakers
Kids’ clothing store - The Tot 
Favorite non-diaper bag bag - Net bag
House guests see - Natural fibers, multi-compartment recycling bins

Your Diaper Bag Personality

It may be that you don’t fit into a single one of these personalities. Lots of us have several bags that fit different needs. Of course a fanny pack diaper bag appeals to the Minimalist but it’s also handy to bring on trips for the Jetsetter and fits a certain look for the Fashion-Focused. The Prepared For Anything Mama may love a backpack, but she also likes to have the most important items easily accessible in a lighter bag from time-to-time! (Even if she’s also packed backups and left them in the car). Kibou’s fanny pack diaper bag uses vegan leather, which the Environmental Mama loves. 

Want to know more essential considerations for how to choose a diaper bag that's right for you? Take a look at our article "Finding Your Perfect Match: How to Choose a Diaper Bag that’s Right for You" to read about the 8 most important considerations when selecting a diaper bag that suits your family.

When you are shopping for the right diaper bag, it’s likely that one of these personalities resonates with you more than the others. Which diaper bag personality are you?

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