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Minimalist Diaper Bags (Ditch Your Diaper Bag)

Kibou fanny pack diaper bag in blush vegan leather

Do you like to keep things simple? Do you think of “less is more” as a motto to live by?

If you are like other minimalists, or strive to achieve a more minimalist lifestyle, you likely try to find ways to reduce or avoid clutter. In your house, in your car, in your purse or – in your diaper bag. It’s a feat not easily accomplished when you have little kids.

The reason people are drawn to minimalism – even as a parent – is simple. When you have fewer “extras,” you alleviate the stress of not being able to locate your essentials when you need them most. You’re much less likely to have a constant mess that needs tidying. Ultimately, finding little ways to simplify your life is freeing.

Trying to be a minimalist as a parent can be a challenge, and this is especially true for new parents. There are so many different products that cater to you and your little ones that it’s hard to separate the essentials from the excess. When it comes to what you bring with you as you venture out with your little one – a minimalist diaper bag isn’t going to be a giant tote or backpack where you stuff every “just in case” item into a heavy sack to carry around with you. 

If you’re looking for a minimalist diaper bag, you’ll want simplicity.

kibou minimal diaper bag fanny pack

What is a minimalist diaper bag?

A minimalist diaper bag is going to be just big enough to carry around the necessities. You should have everything to keep your baby fed, clean and comfortable, as well as your own essentials to get through your day (or at least through your list of errands with baby-in-tow, or your trip to the park). Your diaper bag is not going to be very large, or heavy. And it should be easy to carry without causing shoulder or back pain.

So can you forego a diaper bag and just use your purse or tote bag? While reducing the number of bags you have certainly follows the minimalist ideology, most parents find that an actual diaper bag is necessary. A minimalist diaper bag will still be different from your average purse. Extras like waterproof or insulated pockets, and extra pockets in general for organization are to be expected. These added features of diaper bags are particularly useful for parents, and aren’t found in most handbags. A typical tote doesn’t have any pockets, and can make things stressful when trying to locate things you need (pacifier, keys, phone, etc). 

Why choose a minimalist diaper bag?

When you need to clean an ill-timed blowout in a hurry, you want to be able to get it done quickly. It’s best not to have to dig through layers of extra stuff before you can find the floating bag of wipes and stray diapers. The same can be said when your little darling is in the middle of a meltdown the only thing that will put a stop to her cries is a pacifier. A minimalist diaper bag will allow you to open the bag and see what you need inside right away, allowing you to stop the tears and clean up the mess faster and easier. 

What’s more, large diaper bags cause shoulder and back pain which is especially unnecessary for short trips outside of the house. When you leave behind excessive items, your diaper bag is lighter and easier to carry around. The simplicity of only carrying the essentials prevents you from stewing over the possibilities of your day and agonizing over what to pack into your bag. Using a minimalist diaper bag makes you choose only what you need, which eventually becomes a habit that ultimately gets you out the door faster.

kibou diaper bag fanny pack

What to pack in a minimalist diaper bag?

A minimalist diaper bag is just big enough to pack the essentials. Depending on the age of your little one, this is going to vary. In another blog post, we break this down in greater detail whether your child is a baby, toddler or big kid. This boils down to one or two diapers, diaper changing pad, wipes, baby bottles or water bottles, snacks, and first aid kit. For the littlest ones, you can roll up a small onesie in the event of a leaky diaper. There still needs to be room for your essentials as well; i.e. keys, phone, credit cards/cash, sunglasses. You may also want to throw in a small hand sanitizer bottle or sunscreen tube. 

It’s true that for an all-day outing you may need a bigger bag and pack a few extra items. However, for most day-to-day trips out of the house, keeping just the essentials in your minimalist diaper bag will get where you’re going faster and save you time and stress.

Kibou Bags are Deliberately Minimal 

The Kibou bag is designed to be deliberately minimal. Its small size forces you to leave out excess baby/kid clutter and include just the necessities. It comes with a detachable diaper changing pad in the back pocket so you can change your baby’s diaper no matter where you are. When your baby graduates out of diapers, you can remove the pad and use it to store other things (it’s the perfect pocket to stash your passports while traveling). 

The front pocket of the Kibou has slots for credit cards, drivers license and cash so you can find them quickly and easily. The inside pocket has a convenient key ring for easy access, which can also be used to hook on a beloved pacifier as well.

Every Kibou also has a waterproof pocket for diaper wipes, which could alternatively be used to store soiled diapers or baby clothing as well. 

The Kibou is designed as an ergonomic belt bag or cross-over, and its stylish design is suitable for either mom or dad. Kibou bags keep both hands free, making it easier to tend to your little ones when you need to hold their hands, wipe their noses, and push their swings or strollers. What’s more, if you wear your baby you’ll still have easy access to the contents of your belt bag instead of having to remove your backpack (not to mention avoiding back sweat from a backpack).

Kibou diaper bag fanny pack functionality

Where to buy a minimalist diaper bag?

Minimalist diaper bags prevent you from spending too much time overthinking and overpacking, and ultimately losing time searching for needed items when you need them most. Removing excess clutter makes a minimalist diaper bag less heavy, easier to carry around, and with the Kibou design, keeps your hands free. 

There are many options to shop cute diaper bags, but the best place to find minimalist diaper bags are right here in our store. You can also find accessories that fit into a Kibou such as the Bou-Boo bag first aid kit, pocket hand sanitizer, snack bags, mini-umbrella and more. Browse our shop to find the best color that fits you, and choose from high quality, sustainable vegan leather or canvas. If you’re shopping for a minimalist friend, our baby shower bundle is the perfect gift. 

When you’re looking for style and simplicity in a diaper bag, a Kibou is a great choice. 



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