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The Best Diaper Bag Alternative (Hint: it's a Fanny Pack Diaper Bag)

The Best Diaper Bag Alternative (Hint: it's a Fanny Pack Diaper Bag)

Today’s moms and dads have an abundance of options when it comes to choosing a diaper bag. What parents ultimately choose usually depends on their “Diaper Bag Personality” which we explained in a previous post. While it can be tempting to ask a friend what bag works best for them, everyone has different priorities and many parents are looking for a diaper bag alternative. When it comes to the Minimalist Diaper Bag Personality there’s typically some overlap between those who gravitate toward the small diaper bag backpacks, and those who opt for a fanny pack diaper bag.

Diaper bag backpacks soared to popularity in 2015, and for good reason. This diaper bag alternative brings a ton of benefits, and the smaller bags hit many checkmarks for parents looking to simplify their life and streamline their way out the door. 

However, there are several drawbacks to backpacks that can lead to some of the same frustrations as traditional diaper bags. These very challenges made us seek an alternative hands-free solution--especially when our days out didn’t require that we packed up the whole nursery. That’s where the fanny pack diaper bag swoops in as the best diaper bag alternative.

Kibou diaper bag fanny pack

Pros of Small Diaper Bag Backpacks

Many parents love a backpack diaper bag because it free ups both hands, allowing them to hold on to their little ones or push swings and strollers. There’s no tote constantly slipping down the shoulder or needing to find a place to set everything down. It also distributes weight evenly between both shoulders, eliminating the shoulder pain that can come from overloading just one with a heavy bag.

Backpack diaper bags are also widely available in unisex styles making it an attractive option for both moms and dads. Usually, they’re designed with a lot of compartments to keep things organized (if you can remember where you put everything!) including insulated pockets for bottles and wipes.

diaper bag backpack

Some moms and dads opt for backpacks because they need a large bag to bring a number of items on-the-go, for an outing like a day trip or a long nature hike. But the small backpack is intended for everyday use with fundamentals that any minimalist parent can appreciate. Smaller bags mean less digging around for things that are buried beneath 10 other items, especially during those urgent moments like diaper blowouts or public meltdowns. It also means less shoulder and back strain.

Cons of Small Diaper Bag Backpacks

There are just a few drawbacks that backpack wearers (even with small diaper backpacks) face. First, if you are a baby wearer, both the backpack and the baby carrier need to be on your shoulders. That can be a lot of strain. 

Also, it is hard to access the backpack diaper bag while you’re wearing it. So if you’re in a position that makes it difficult to remove your backpack to retrieve what you need (like wearing a baby, holding a baby, holding a hand, etc.), you’re faced with a repeated inconvenience.

Any sweaters out there? I mean, parents who sweat. For those of us who sweat a lot, especially in those hot summer months, wearing a backpack can mean sweaty shoulders and sweaty backs! For some this is a non-issue, but for others, this last drawback of backpack diaper bags is a make or break discomfort.

Luckily, there is an alternative diaper bag option that brings all of the benefits of a small diaper bag backpack and eliminates these issues.

The Fanny Pack Diaper Bag: All That’s Good With Backpacks & More

Enter the fanny pack. This iconic alternative little bag was introduced in the 80s, blew up in the 90s and has made its glorious return. What’s more, this trendy look is now available as a diaper bag alternative to help minimalist mamas everywhere. Like backpacks, Kibou fanny pack diaper bags come in unisex colors and can also be worn as a crossover – making them suitable for both moms and dads. Here’s why we think this is your best diaper bag alternative:

Like a small diaper bag backpack, a fanny pack diaper bag is just the right size to fit all of the essentials, with a separate waterproof pocket for wipes that is accessible from the outside. They also come with a detachable changing pad, credit card and cash slots, and a key or pacifier hook which are all convenient to have no matter where you are. Hands-free and convenient, a functional fanny pack is the best of both worlds.

kibou diaper bag fanny pack

The convenient accessibility of this diaper bag alternative from the front of your bag makes it easy to grab what you need whether you’re wearing or holding your baby, and you’ll have both hands free to wipe faces and hold your little ones close. The ergonomic design of Kibou bags makes it comfortable to wear, and what’s more, no back sweat!

While it’s not big enough for long trips outside of the house, it can still be your “main” diaper bag and will easily fit into a larger bag when needed. It’s also a great option for air travel, where you can keep everything you need right at your fingertips. Legit, the best airplane-friendly option.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the small diaper bag backpack, we're willing to bet that a fanny pack diaper bag is the best diaper bag alternative you can get.

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