Useful Gifts For New Moms in 2023

Looking for the perfect gift for a new-mom friend or relative? There are countless items that will make for perfectly suitable gifts. However, some gifts are particularly more useful than others and what’s more – they put mom first. These are usually the things a new mom won’t think to buy herself.

We’ve compiled a list of items that a new mom may, or may not have received from her baby registry. However, they are all items that any new mom can make use of as she adjusts to life with her new baby.

Some of the items are just for her, and some of the items are for her and the baby. However, all of the items are designed to make her life easier. In the end, that’s the best type of gift to give a new mom.

Read on for more ideas on useful gifts for new moms.

Kibou Diaper Bag

One of the best gifts you can give a new mom is a convenient, minimalist diaper bag. A Kibou is a belt bag (aka fanny pack) designed for parents that is not only a fashionable accessory, but its no frills design will help her get out of the door quicker with all of the essentials she needs. The Kibou bag is just big enough to fit a few diapers, one or two small bottles, a mobile phone and a few small essentials (like a small first aid kit, chapstick or hand sanitizer). There’s a clip for keys or a pacifier, the front pocket has slots for cash or credit cards, and the back pocket has a detachable changing pad. Choose from six different shades of vegan leather, or two different shades of canvas. 

For an even better gift for the new mom in your life, choose the Baby Shower Gift Bundle that comes with essentials that she can put in her Kibou Bag. 

If she plans to wear the baby, a Kibou is the perfect addition as it provides easy to access even while the baby is in the carrier.

Baby Carrier

A baby carrier is one of the most useful gifts for new moms, not just because the baby will love it but because it will free up mom’s hands and put less strain on her arms and back. There are many types of baby carriers from wraps, to slings, to backpacks, to ergonomic buckled carriers (aka soft structured carriers).

A new mom may want to try out different types of carriers before finding the right one. So if you know she’s getting one carrier, you can always buy her an alternative choice for her to try. She may like to keep different carriers in various spots like the car, or stroller.

kibou baby carrier

Sleep Mask

One thing every new mom is short on is sleep. They say, “sleep when the baby sleeps!” But that’s easier said than done. A sleep mask is a little luxury gift any new mom deserves, and can help lull her off to a little bit of much needed rest. Light exposure can seriously impede the quality of or ability to fall asleep, and a soft sleep mask can make a difference, especially if your new mom finds she’s able to squeeze in a nap during the day.

First Year Baby Keepsake Book

There’s no mom who ever regretted holding onto keepsakes from their baby’s first year. The problem is – the first year is extremely hectic and a lot of moms just don’t have the time. By providing her with a quality keepsake book, you can help out the new mom in your life by giving her a place and guidance to store little items that will bring her a lot of joy in later years. Examples of things kept in a keepsake box include newborn footprints, hospital wristbands, first pair of baby booties or hat from the hospital, or even a lock of hair. 

Nursing or Pumping Bra

You’ll notice a trend on this gifts list of items that gives new moms the freedom of their hands. A pumping bra makes life so much easier as it holds the flanges up so mom can type on her keyboard, get a drink of water, or do whatever she needs to do while pumping. A nursing bra is also extremely important for breastfeeding moms, as it makes access to the breast that much easier whether she is sitting, standing, or lying down. 


A plush or sleek robe is the perfect, useful gift for a new mom before she has the baby. Yes, she can enjoy a comfy robe around the house after the baby is born that also allows her to breastfeed easily. However, it is also a nice little touch that makes the hospital stay more enjoyable. After all of the less glamorous aspects of giving birth, a luxurious robe will feel good to wear as her body recovers.

Hair Growth Serum

A lot of moms go through their pregnancy with a full mane of shiny locks, only to find it shedding in droves after the baby is born. There are a number of high-quality hair growth serums that will help combat this downside of the postpartum period. Whether the hair loss is on the temples, causing a temporary receding hairline, or all over the scalp, products like Vegamour are safe for new moms to use and can make hair look thicker and fuller. 

Swaddling Blankets

Baby blankets are such a popular gift because they serve so many different purposes. Yes, they can keep the baby warm and swaddling tends to calm babies down and help them sleep. They can also serve as a diaper changing mat, or a burp cloth in a pinch. You can even use it to shade the baby from the sun if she’s sleeping in her car seat. Because they so quickly get soiled due to their many uses, it’s good for new moms to have a nice collection as they are particularly useful.

Temperature Controlled Smart Mug

We know this gadget may seem a little extra, but it could be a real game changer for the new mom you’re shopping for and definitely considered useful! Ask any experienced mom and she’ll tell you that as soon as she pours a cup of coffee or tea, the baby will start to cry. New moms around the world are constantly throwing out or reheating their coffee every morning. Now include something like the Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug, and her drink will stay nice and hot. 

Maternity & Nursing Cardigan

Just the Kibou bag, a maternity & nursing cardigan is both cute and useful for new moms. It keeps her warm and comfy, while also acting as a coverup while breastfeeding in public. Storq Mama offers chiq, minimalist designs in muted colors that moms of all sizes will enjoy wearing while out and about, or even around the house.

Start Shopping Useful Gifts For New Moms

When shopping for a new mom, it is always thoughtful to gift items for the baby. After all, making the baby happy will make caretaking that much easier. However, new moms often put themselves last, so if you can especially think of her when you’re putting your dollars toward a new-mom gift, it will make your efforts that much more appreciated.

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