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Travel Fanny Pack Checklist (With or Without Kids)

Kibou travel fanny pack with travel essentials

When planning a trip, getting overwhelmed with everything you need to pack is easy. Most of the time, it's unavoidable.

But there's one item I can't imagine not taking - my fanny pack. It's a travel must-have!

Yes, it's a bag that has also become a favorite for my average everyday needs. But my Kibou also happens to be the best overall fanny pack that helps me stay organized while I'm on the go trying to experience new sights with or without my kids on trips.

What has made traveling easier is having dependable checklists to make my packing go more smoothly.

If you're looking for a travel fanny pack checklist to keep you organized, the good news is we've got you covered with a few.

Woman wearing travel fanny pack looking at Eiffel Tower

Why A Fanny Pack Is Great for Travel

If you've never traveled with a fanny pack, I'm here to tell you that you've been missing out.

This trendy bag, quite honestly, is the practical solution you never realized you needed until you've had one on your adventures.

Here are five solid reasons why traveling with a fanny pack (as opposed to your larger everyday purse or shoulder bag) is great for the next trip you have planned.

Don't believe me? Well, read on:)

Hands-free convenience

Yep, you heard right. The best fanny packs can be a game-changer when traveling because they keep your hands free to do other things.

Want to hold hands with the one you love and hold a gelato in the other? No problem! Fanny packs can make it happen.

With or without kids while traveling, one thing is certain - you're constantly moving. You find yourself needing to open doors, board a plane with luggage, or perhaps pull out tickets to a special event or show. The last thing you want is another bag to hold while doing all those things.

Regardless of the several different options of fanny packs (or referred to as "bum bags" if you're in the U.K.), pretty much all of them provide you with this incredible benefit of having to worry less about holding something and focus more on experiencing everything.

Quick, easy access

With a fanny pack strapped to your body, you have quick access to get to the things you need on your trip.

Have you ever been at the airport and suddenly needed to pull your passport out quickly? Opting to carry a fanny pack allows you to get into the zippered front pocket to pull it out in a fast-moving line.

Not to mention, with it secured to your body like crossbody bags or waist bags, it's easy to locate the essentials like keys on your key clip. With specific zippered pockets, everything has its place.

No more frantically searching in a rush.

Travel fanny pack with all the travel essentials

Enough space and pockets for essentials

Embracing fanny packs (or belt bags if you're into much smaller options) means adopting the minimalist travel lifestyle. Your fanny pack has the right amount of storage capacity to carry the essentials.

Whatever fanny pack you choose, typically you have a main compartment for more oversized items to fit sunglasses, and maybe there's also a water-resistant pocket to hold those liquid items you don't want spilling through the main pocket of your fanny pack.

This smaller bag means you have to get choosy on what to bring. Which, when traveling, is a good thing. Overpacking can get in the way or become more of an annoyance as you try to pack and unpack on your trip.

Ultralight and comfortable to wear

Depending on the material (recycled materials, perhaps?), a fanny pack can be lighter to carry.

Because your fanny pack is smaller, it naturally equates to a lighter bag. This translates to less weight you're lugging around on your outings.

And talk about comfort! From adjustable strap length to fancy compression straps, your fanny pack is a simple bag you find yourself grabbing repeatedly because it's so darn comfy to sling and fasten onto you. That's why they are good for travel but also for everyday life.

Great for outdoor activities

And talk about the versatility of a fanny pack with outdoor activities!

Some fanny packs are made of water-resistant nylon or vegan leather (like our Kibou), which keeps your bags looking nice no matter what downpour or colder climates you find yourself in.

With many fanny packs being extremely durable, they make great options for taking with you on bike rides or hiking through national parks.

I have used mine on many family camping adventures this past year.

How to Wear Your Fanny Pack While Traveling

What's awesome about a lot of fanny packs is they can also be worn in a variety of ways. Here are three key styles to keep you looking fashionable and chic while traveling.

Woman on trip with travel fanny pack around her waist

Waist pack for the classic fanny pack style

Of course, there's the traditional fanny pack style, worn right around the waist.

Wearing your fanny pack (or bum bag) as a hip pack can keep your items right in front of you and shoulder-free if that's what you prefer.

Sure, you may have the 80s tattooed in your brain of the big fanny pack your mom wore on vacations with the camera gear and everything but the kitchen sink crammed in, but with various colors and styles, there's the best fanny pack out there with your name on it.

Wearing it around the waist is definitely cool again.

Woman in Italy wearing travel fanny pack in crossbody style

Crossbody bag across the front 

Then there's the cross-body style. Admittedly, this is the style I gravitate towards wearing the most with my Kibou.

I like keeping my bag in front of me and having it diagonally across my chest, making it easy to unzip with one hand. (Check out the video below to see what I'm talking about.)


 With the right outfit, your bold fanny pack can also complete the look you're going for. When traveling, you not only want to have what you need for convenience, but you also want to look good with what you're carrying.

Dad with travel fanny pack in airport wearing it on back

Fanny sling bag across the back

And the third option (although not always the safest style while traveling) is to wear your fanny pack like a sling bag across your back.

If you need to bend down or hold little ones, sometimes having your fanny pack secured against your back (sort of like your backpack but more cross-body) fits a little more comfortably for those moments.

However, the times you wouldn't want to do this would be in crowded spots like subways or open markets.

Having your fanny pack behind you increases your chance for items to be stolen without you knowing. So that's a consideration to keep in mind before deciding to wear it on your back while traveling.



Travel Fanny Pack With Kids

If you're traveling with kids, chances are your fanny pack also needs to function as a minimalist diaper bag. This allows you to carry supplies like (diapers and wipes) in addition to your personal items all in one bag.

Pro Tip: You can always take a larger diaper bag stocked with supplies that can be stored in a carry-on to travel light on a plane, sit in the car, or stay back at the hotel, depending on how long you plan on being away.

Here is a checklist to consider if you're traveling with your baby.

Fanny Pack Checklist With Babies

  • Wipes (Up to 20 can fit in our waterproof pocket!)
  • 2-3 diapers
  • Pacifier
  • Small tube of diaper cream (if needed)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • On-the-go changing mat (no need to pack; it's already included in the Kibou!)
  • Phone
  • Credit cards and/or cash
  • Driver’s license or passport
  • Keys
  • First aid kit
  • Wireless headphones
  • Kindle

Fanny Pack Checklist With Toddlers

Traveling with toddlers means just a few adjustments to the diaper bag essentials you would typically take with a baby. Here is a toddler fanny pack checklist to consider.

  • Wipes (good for diaper changes and cleaning sticky fingers)
  • Pull-ups or toddler underwear (maybe a mix of both if you're in between potty training)
  • Extra pacifier or fun pop-it toy
  • Snacks
  • Hand sanitizer
  • On-the-go changing mat (no need to pack; it's already included in the Kibou!)
  • Phone
  • Credit cards and/or cash
  • Driver’s license or passport
  • Keys
  • First aid kit
  • Sunglasses
  • Wireless headphones
  • Kindle

Travel Fanny Pack Without Kids

And perhaps if you aren't traveling with kids, you may want to take a belt bag a little smaller in size that can serve as a "mini quick pack" on your trip. If that's the case - meet the Kibou Mini!

This may become your favorite fanny pack, giving you convenience and style with a waterproof pocket to store those liquid items.

Here's a fanny pack checklist to use without kids while traveling.

Fanny Pack Checklist Without Kids

  • Credits cards and/or cash
  • ID and/or passport
  • Car keys
  • Phone
  • Extra battery or spare charging chord
  • Lip balm or lip gloss
  • granola bar (or a similar protein snack for some energy!)
  • collapsible water bottle (for rehydration)

Woman wearing travel fanny pack while in Paris

Fanny Packs Make Travel Easier

Whether you're packing your fanny pack with kids in mind or not, they make traveling easier.

Fanny packs can provide the benefit of convenience and flexibility when you're visiting new places or trying to experience different moments. And they allow you to move about more freely when you're on the go.

Whether you're taking a trip with your little ones or not, you can bet a fanny pack will help you feel prepared while giving you more freedom.

These checklists should help give you that peace of mind while packing. Happy travels!

Travel Fanny Pack FAQs

Are fanny packs safe from pickpockets?

Nothing is truly safe from an experienced pickpocket. But you can improve your chances of keeping all your valuables by remembering to keep your fanny pack in front of you. Especially if you find yourself in a heavily crowded area, you always want to keep your hand over the front pocket to discourage anyone from stealing.

Can you wear a fanny pack with a backpack on a plane?

Yes, with the Kibou, most airlines allow you to have the fanny pack and backpack if needed. It's always best to check with your airline before going to the airport for your flight. In some cases, you may be asked to put your fanny pack in the backpack so they can snuggly fit under the passenger seat in front of you before take-off.



If you’re looking for convenient and minimal fanny pack travel bags, shop our different Kibou bags and accessories. They are an excellent choice, and others think so too.

You don’t have to take our word for it…

"Five Stars - My favorite belt bag/fanny pack yet!"

"It took awhile to find a roomy yet stylish and durable black leather fanny pack that is roomy enough for the essentials & more when traveling with a toddler. I came across the Kibou and so far have been loving it -- it's the only bag I'm planning to bring for 7 weeks of travel as it can work for day and night." - Becky N.

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