Travel Diaries: Nashville with Brooke Hall

Tell us about yourself!

Hi! I’m Brooke! I am a lifestyle + motherhood creator based in Nashville, TN. I have been married to my husband, Hunter, for 3.5 years and together we have two daughters (one joined us in November 2022!). Our family loves to travel, try new restaurants, and spend time outdoors.

What brought you to Nashville? Were you born and raised or did you move there later in life? Tell us why this is your city!

I am what is called a “unicorn” amongst Nashville residents, meaning I was both born AND raised here! Nashville has received a lot of “implants” over the last decade, so it is fairly uncommon to come across someone who has lived here their entire life. I am a true Nashville Native!

What is your favorite part about Nashville? Why is it such a special city?

One of the things I love most about Nashville is that even though it is a fairly large city, it still holds onto a “small-town” feel. People from here tend to be extremely welcoming and treat each other with a true sense of community. We call it “The Nashville Way”. 

If you could describe Nashville in three words, what would they be?

Diverse, Spirited, and Unique - There is truly no place on Earth quite like it. 

How long is the ideal vacation in Nashville?

From a local’s perspective, I think a “long weekend” (4 days) would provide ample time to explore the city and visit some of our famous restaurants and landmarks. 

Brooke Hall in Nashville, Tennessee pushing her daughter in a stroller while exploring the city

Is Nashville a family-friendly place to vacation? Or should visitors plan to leave the kiddos behind?

Most definitely family-friendly! We have lots of great restaurants, museums, and other local experiences that are perfect for families consisting of all ages. 

What are some facts about Nashville that most visitors wouldn't know?

Nashville is home to the only replica of the Greek Parthenon! It seems quite random to have here, but the park is beautiful and makes for a fun + educational visit for families. Also, I think most people are surprised to learn we do not have our own MLB team (yet). We have NFL, NHL, and even a professional soccer team. Nashville locals are huge sports enthusiasts!

Now for all your tips. What is on your “Best of Nashville” list?

Best Accommodations:

  • Best family-friendly accommodations: Gaylord Opryland Resort! This place is beautiful! It has an indoor/outdoor waterpark, seasonal activities (ex: thousands of Christmas lights plus the ICE! Experience), and lots of great restaurants inside. 
  • Best kid-free accommodations: The Omni Nashville - perfect for a couple’s getaway! It is located in the heart of downtown and connected to the Country Music Hall of Fame. The Omni also has a rooftop pool with amazing views of the city and an incredible on-site restaurant. 

Brooke Hall with her daughter posing in front of the carousel at Nashville Zoo

Best Family-Friendly Places to Play:

Best Places to Eat:

Best Places to Explore & Entertainment:

Best Shops:

  • Best Shops: Fifth + Broadway-  full of some of Nashville’s most famous eats + shops! Think “cafeteria style” aesthetic. You can find anything from Hattie B’s Hot Chicken to Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream here!

Brooke Hall eating at one of her favorite places in Nashville, Tennessee

Best hidden gems / Spots that locals love:        

  • Skull’s Rainbow Room (dinner), Bringles Smoking Oasis (BBQ), Loveless Cafe (great country cooking!). Grab some cheap last-minute tickets to a hockey game at Bridgestone Arena

    What’s next on your travel bucket list!?

    We are planning our first Disney cruise for this upcoming summer! When our girls are a bit older, we hope to travel across the US and visit National Parks along the way. I’d love to experience the Grand Canyon and also Glacier National Park!

    Kibou bag in black vegan leather filled with snacks, credit cards, keys, and money for what you need exploring Nashville, Tennessee

     And finally, tell us what’s in your Kibou for a day out exploring Nashville with the fam!

    You can always find spare undies (toddlers, ya know?), wipes, hand sanitizer, and some snacks in my Kibou bag! I love how I am able to carry my favorite necessities with me, without having to carry a bulky bag!


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