Travel Diaries: Disney World with Aseky Bonnaire

When we were looking for the perfect parent to shine a light on how to do Disney right, we knew we had to go to Aseky! As the mama who “plans all [her] Disney outfits around the ears, and which park [she’s] going to”, we just knew she took her Disney planning seriously.

askey disney kibou

We’ll start with our rapid-fire round of advice from Aseky:

Best time of year to go to Disney World (Florida)

Definitely during the end and beginning of the year. 

October: you get all the fall decor

November: you get all of the Christmas decor, but it’s not as crowded as December

December: it’s full-on Christmas time at Disney, and it’s so special!! 

January-February: it’s their slow season, and the weather is SO nice!! 

Best place(s) to stay: for luxury: Four Seasons Resort at Walt Disney World and Disney’s Riviera Resort

More budget friendly: I would say JW Bonnett Creek or even a vacation rental in Reunion Resort. 

Smartest way to buy tickets: Buy them in advance and for multiple days and parks. 

Biggest mistakes/pitfalls to avoid: Thinking you will be able to do it all in one day. You should plan for 1 park per day! 

Top 3 things not to miss: 

  1. Magic Kingdom firework show
  2. Epcot's Food and wine festival
  3. The Safari at Animal Kingdom 

Favorite food in the park: Oh man, so many good places. Literally Disney food is top tier, especially for a theme park, but if you want sit down dining, Cinderella’s Royal Table is so good, and Be Our Guest is so good (both are  located at Magic Kingdom). 

For quick service, I love Harambe Market at Animal Kingdom and Woody’s Lunch Box at Hollywood studios. 

Biggest waste of time/money: This is a tough one, because I feel like everything at Disney is worth it, especially if you don’t go often. 

Best Pro Tips: bring a portable fan, get Photopass, and try all the snacks!! 

If we have 3-5 days to go to Disney, what’s your recommended itinerary? 

Day 1: Magic Kingdom–stay all day

Day 2: Epcot–arrive in the afternoon

Day 3: Disney Springs and Hotel pool 

Day 4: Animal Kingdom–arrive early and do the safari first-the animals are more active in the early morning

Day 5: Hollywood Studios 

What should we wear? 

Whatever you find most comfortable, but always pair it with cute but comfy sneakers and some adorable Minnie ears! 

What should we bring? (and for that matter, what shouldn’t we bring?!)

In my Kibou I would pack sunscreen, chapstick, bandaids, snacks for the kids, a portable charger, change of undies for the kids, hand sanitizer, wipes, money, ID, Disney passes/Magic Band. 

If you’re out for the whole day and you have littler kids, you might also want to pack a larger bag that you can stash in a locker. If you do that, consider bringing a change of clothes for the kids and even that portable fan I mentioned earlier.

If we asked your kids, what would they say are the best parts of visiting Disney?

They would definitely say the rides, the parades, character meet-and-greets, and of course the food!

Any final words of Disney wisdom for those who have never been before?

Have fun, and soak up every moment of it. People save and plan for years to do what you’re about to do! 

And before we go, besides Disney, what's up next for dreamy Bonnaire family vacations??

As of right now, we have our annual cabin trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains coming up. We may go up to New Hampshire, planning on Mexico for my birthday, we have a cruise for spring break, and working out all the details for Bora Bora!! 

askey disney kibou

Meet Aseky:

Hi, I’m Aseky Bonnaire! I am a mom to 4 and married to my childhood crush and high school sweetheart. We just built our forever home on a lake! I have had my blog since my second son was born, and have gone full time with social media and travel for the last 3 years. 

If you know me, you know that I am Disney obsessed. I have been a passholder since I can even remember, and I’m beyond thankful and honored to be able to give my kids the same experiences. But being a seasoned Disney Parks go-er, I know what to bring and what not to bring to the parks with no kids all the way up to 4+ kids. 

“Less is more” 

Why do I love preplanning my bag for Disney? Because there's nothing more stressful than a toddler who accidentally peed themselves while you all are in line for “It’s a Small World” and you didn't bring backup. But just because i’m saying to preplan doesn't mean I said overpack! I have been on the other side of this and overpacked and ended up regretting it. Half the stuff, my kids never used or needed, it made going through the security lines much more stressful, and makes going on rides uncomfortable because you got this big ole bag you have to lug around, or someone has to sit out and babysit your backpack but you might as well call it a suitcase haha. But like I was saying, I've learned to pack the absolute necessities and what I found to actually be useful. 

kibou askey disneyWhat I pack in my Kibou Fanny Pack for Disney World:

  1. Underwear for my 4 year old
  2. Underwear for my 5 year old
  3. Toddler bike shorts 
  4. Extra shirt 
  5. Poppis- For the kids to play with while we wait in line  
  6. Once Upon a Farm fruit pouches-
  7. Sunscreen
  8. Fuel Rod- disney has fuel rod stations so you can swap them out as needed. 
  9. Advil- because #DisneyWithkids 
  10. Our Disney Passes 
  11. Disney Gift cards- I like to preload these before i go to disney so i'm not swiping my debit card a zillion times. And plus this helps me budget our day. 
  12. My ID
  13. My debit card 
  14. Small pack of baby wipes 
  15. Hand sanitizer 
  16. Sunglasses 
  17. Chapstick 
  18. My phone (duh) 

I love that Kibou actually fits all these essential items and I can wear it on my waist or across my chest–-depending on what mood I'm in. When the kids were in diapers the built-in changing pad  was so handy. And if I go on rides, they never give me a hard time about the bag, so I never have to leave it behind or put it in a locker.

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