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Top 5 Reasons to Use A Small Diaper Bag

Top 5 Reasons to Use A Small Diaper Bag

For many moms and dads, getting out the door with the kids is a major feat. In an effort to have everything you need for your little ones, this often results in a big, heavy diaper bag. While you’ve brought the supplies you need to be prepared, having too much can actually make things more complicated and difficult to manage.

Having a small diaper bag forces you to minimize and prioritize what you bring with you out the door. Being “constrained” in what you’re able to fit in your bag can actually be quite freeing once you’re out in public with your kids.

There are several advantages to using a small diaper bag that are worth consideration for new and experienced parents alike. Of course, longer trips often call for larger bags. But for a typical outing to the playground, store, a short nature walk or stop for ice cream doesn’t require a giant bag. Switching to a smaller diaper bag can eliminate multiple stressors from your day-to-day. Take a look.

Kibou Hands Free Diaper bag

#1 Free Hands

A commonly overlooked convenience (particularly for new parents mulling over diaper bag choices) is the freedom of having the use of your hands! For the same reason wearing your baby makes life so much more convenient, the same can be said for a small diaper bag that you can wear.

The classic diaper bag form tends to be the tote, but there’s a functional issue that many parents have run into with this design. Anytime you need to bend over or reach for something, it tends to fall off your shoulder. When you’re holding your child’s hand to cross the street (maybe while wearing a baby or pushing a stroller), you don’t want to have to worry about the slipping diaper bag or items falling out of it. A small, wearable diaper bag like a fanny pack or crossbody lets you hold hands, push swings, and wipe noses without the bag getting in the way.

#2 Comfort

Another issue with any larger diaper bag is the tendency to overpack, making for a heavy load to carry around. A heavy tote bag or crossbody can cause substantial shoulder strain and back pain. Even an overloaded backpack that can distribute the weight evenly between both shoulders can cause back pain, not to mention unsightly, uncomfortable sweat! What’s more, wearing a baby and wearing a backpack simultaneously can make things difficult whenever you need to reach in and grab something.

A small, ergonomic diaper bag will take the weight off your shoulders, reducing strain and making your diaper bag one less thing to worry about when heading out with your clan.

#3 Find Things Quickly

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages to minimizing your diaper bag and opting for a smaller design is the ability to find what you need, when you need it. Ever been in the midst of a public meltdown and needed a pacifier? Nothing worse than sifting through three outfits and days old snacks you forgot about in a desperate search to find it. How about a diaper blowout at the park? You’ll need to find your changing pad, diaper and wipes ASAP. When you can’t find them, your stress levels skyrocket!

Let’s not forget trying to find your own things – like your keys – when they’ve been swallowed by the clutter, or numerous pockets in your big diaper bag. Frustration abounds when you can’t get into your car or your house with small children scurrying at your feet.

Kibou diaper bag

#4 Get Out The Door Faster

It’s a common scene – a mom or dad is trying to make it somewhere in time, but due to 100 different things that went wrong that morning, it’s a mad rush to get out of the door. So they decide to grab everything they might need and throw it on top of whatever is already in the bag (because there’s room, and no time to sort through it all). They’ve done this a few times before, so the bag is heavy, and when they do need something, it’s hard to find.

By minimizing with a small diaper bag, you always know the essentials of what you need to get out of the door – nothing more nothing less. We covered this in our Diaper Bag Essentials 101 post, but here’s an abbreviated summary:

For the little one(s):

  • 1-2 Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Changing pad
  • Pacifier
  • Diaper cream
  • Bottles/Water
  • Snack
  • Spare onesie (12 months and under)
  • Spare underwear/pants (potty training)
  • First aid kit

For yourself:

  • Phone
  • Keys
  • Credit card (or cash)
  • Hand sanitizer

If you’re missing any of these items, replace them. It will be easy to spot in a small diaper bag! With a Kibou bag, the changing pad is already in the bag, there’s a designated waterproof pocket for wipes, and holders for your credit cards and keys. The Bou-boo bag is also a just-right size first-aid kit for unexpected cuts and scrapes that can easily fit into a fanny pack.

#5 Declutter Your Diaper Bag, Declutter Your Mind

Parenting can be hectic. On top of all of the other responsibilities in your life, being a parent not only adds on to the list significantly, but pushes everything else further down. While it’s rewarding, it can be stressful. Simplifying seemingly small things in your day-to-day life can make a huge impact. 

One easy, small adjustment is your diaper bag. A small diaper bag that isn’t uncomfortable or hard to carry around, has only what you need, and allows you to find things fast when you need them most, can eliminate stressful moments from your day. When there’s less to worry about with your diaper bag, you can focus on other, more important things.

Kibou diaper bag

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