#KibouStyles with Your Minis & theirs

Mini Kibou Styles

Since we’ve heard from more than one of you that your minis are stealing your Kibou Minis, we thought we’d embrace the trend and share a few back to school looks featuring you and your little protegés. 

If you’re anything like us with what your kids wear, you’re not looking to break the bank on what you spend. You don’t need them to look like mini adults or kids right out of a catalog, but while you still have any say in it, it’s fun to find looks for them that feel at least marginally on-trend, fresh and age-appropriate. With that in mind, we looked to our adorable neighborhood kids to see what they’re wearing this end-of-summer-almost-fall.

"Nostalgia is in this season."-Vogue

Both for ourselves and our little ones, this year Vogue declared, ““Nostalgia is in this season,” and we’re in full support. From white high top Converse to flare-leg jeans and denim skirts, these looks make us feel right at home. Whether they are truly vintage pieces or just nostalgia-inspired, we’re loving these end of summer styles that the neighborhood kids are rocking this season. 

A Couple Sentimental Favorites:

Denim skirt, beaded friendship bracelet and black nylon Kibou Mini

This denim skirt: The brand is called Closed and you can snag this and other incredible vintage denim at one of our favorite shops (and a Kibou Mini stockist!) Our North in Katonah, New York.

These beaded friendship bracelets: Speaking of nostalgia, did you see N’Sync give these Little Words Project bracelets to T. Swift at the VMAs?!

Mini on Your Minis

Girl wearing blush pink Kibou Mini fanny pack with skateboard

Sisters holding hands learning to skateboard wearing Kibou Mini fanny packsMom and daughters on a walk in the country holding hands and all wearing Kibou Mini fanny packsLittle Sister’s Look: Romper - Bracelets - Sneakers - Blush Kibou Mini

Big Sister’s Look: T-shirt - Necklace - Sneakers - Black Kibou Mini

Mama’s Look: Top - Jeans - Earrings - Hat (in header photo) - Brown Kibou Mini 

 Twinning Looks

Mom and Daughter on bench wearing matching Kibou Mini blush pink bagsMom and daughter on bench looking at each other wearing matching Kibou Mini fanny packsMom’s Look: Earrings - Tank Top - Shorts - Blush Kibou Mini

Little One’s Look: Tie Dyed T-shirt - Jean Shorts - Sandals - Blush Kibou Mini

 Taking a Little Summer Inspo

Girl walking on wooden walkway at the beach wearing a blush pink Kibou mini fanny packSummer Inspo (above): Top- Sandals - Blush Kibou Mini

Meets Fall Trends

Outfit collage for girls with denim skirt, floral green top and Kibou Mini blush pink fanny pack in vegan leatherFall Trends for Girls: Fall Top - Denim Skirt - Blush Kibou Mini

“Most of us don’t engage with the extremes of fashion yet still want a sprinkling of magic in our day-to-day wardrobes, whether in the form of…a touch of lace or simply a perfect fit. There’s a lot to be said for feeling at home in your clothes; it makes it easier to shut the door on chaos.”-Vogue

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