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Love it or Lose it: Second Time Mom Wisdom on Baby “Essentials”

Love it or Lose it: Second Time Mom Wisdom on Baby “Essentials”

First time parents want to be prepared for any scenario. Often this means registering for or buying a slew of items that they never (or almost never) end up using as their baby grows. And for most of us, by the time baby #2 comes along, we know what works for us and what doesn’t.

While it’s true that every baby is different and may respond totally differently than another to their surroundings, for most of us the many nice-to-have items we couldn’t imagine living without don’t end up on the shopping or registry list when the second baby comes along.

Of course there are certain things that every parent needs: essentials to keep your baby clean and fed – bottles, diapers, wipes, receiving blankets, burping clothes, grooming/bathing products, and clothes (except shoes…new babies don’t need shoes, we promise).

But what about some of those extras that make life easier? Or on the contrary, those items you thought would be great but you didn’t actually need? When it comes to baby #2, do you love it or lose it? Read below to see our picks.

Love It
Kibou diaper bag fanny pack

Baby Carrier – If you wore your first baby, the good news is that you already know which carrier you like. Many new moms go through multiple baby carriers before they find the right fit. It’s possible you may want to upgrade or try something new with baby #2, but you already know the conveniences of wearing your baby in general (hello free hands, goodbye arm and back pain).

Baby Bouncer/Swing - While it’s true that baby #1 and baby #2 may have preferences in whether (s)he likes to swing vertically or horizontally, or to bounce vs. swing, having an option to set your baby down – contained in a single place – to give yourself a break is crucial. As every veteran parent knows, there’s something magical about the motion in the swings/bouncers that keeps the baby happy vs. setting them down somewhere stationary. Those precious minutes spent in their swing/bouncer mean freedom for you.

Pack and Play - Whether placing it closer to you in the bedroom or anywhere else in the house– or if you plan to travel with your little ones–a pack and play provides a safe sleep and play space for baby #2 wherever you are. Especially after your baby just starts to become mobile, you have a place to set him/her down where they aren’t too constrained (as in a swing or bouncer), but are still safe in a contained space so you can tend to whatever it is you need to do.

Nursing Pillow - A Boppy is a lifesaver for a breastfeeding mom by providing much needed support to prop up the baby while eating. It makes things more comfy for bottle feeding as well! However, it is also the perfect pal for your baby when (s)he is learning how to sit up (to catch him/her when they fall), and to prop them up when laying on the floor (always supervised, of course).

Kibou - A new parent often shoves something for every conceivable need into an oversized diaper bag tote before stepping out of the house. With baby #2, many parents learn to downsize and bring only the essentials. A Kibou bag does just that, making leaving the house much easier and keeping hands free for mom or dad while out with the little ones.
kibou diaper bag fanny pack

Lose It
kibou diaper bag fanny pack

Diaper Genie - In theory, a “smell proof” container just for poopy diapers sounds like a good idea. But you end up with a collection of soiled diapers in one really stinky container – versus taking taking them out with the trash on a more regular basis. It’s not really a necessity for most second-time parents.

Diaper Wipes Warmer - It sounds nice to make sure the wipes are nice and warm before wiping baby’s bum, but is it really necessary? Also, there’s mold/mildew that tends to accumulate in the warm, moist environment produced by these warmers. Many second babies are more than fine making due with the cool diaper wipes right out of the package after a blow-out.

Diaper Changing Table - These tend to just take up space without much purpose after your baby is out of diapers or no longer fits on the table. Many second-time parents opt for a changing pad on top of a dresser, or even just laying out a blanket on other furniture or the floor.

Bottle Warmer - Some may disagree and really like their bottle warmers. However, a lot of experienced parents opt for the (much less expensive) cup of warm water trick. #iykyk

Giant Tote Diaper Bag -  As was previously mentioned, many parents opt for a smaller diaper bag and less fuss with baby #2 before heading out of the house. With just enough room to keep the baby full and clean, along with your own essentials (phone, money, keys) – your shoulders will thank you for not lugging a giant tote around. And you’ll thank yourself when you’re able to quickly clean your little one or pop in a paci instead of searching around through the endless clutter in a giant diaper bag.

With so many devices, products and opinions out there, it can be hard to know what’s worthwhile and what to skip on. We’re all about borrowing (or even renting!) some of these essentials until you know you do or don’t need them. And for those things that you must own, it’s always helpful to get a few different sources of input before you make your final decision. 

Speaking of YOU–How about you? Anything to add to this list? Anything we missed the mark on or forgot to include all together? Drop a comment below and let us know your thoughts!

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