#howikibou with Totum Women’s Erin Erenberg


Tell us a little about yourself.

I was born in a small town in Ohio but grew up traveling the world (40 countries by age 18) thanks to a feminist great-uncle who believed women should be educated in the form of travel and put all of his savings--he worked in a steel mill--into sending my mom and me on educational international voyages. This greatly informed my identity, and I spent most of my adulthood exploring and following opportunities. 

I've practiced law, run a foundation in the music industry, worked in entertainment and in tech, but found my calling when launching my own business to support modern mothers. I also had no idea how much I'd love being a mother until we had our first son when I was 34.  We now have 3 kids: George (8); Arabella (5); and Beau (2).  


With the world as we know it officially flipped upside down, how are you coping? What changes--big or small--has your family made to adapt?

We decided to take the matter of school into our own hands, so to speak. When I learned that our son's health (read more below) was greatly impacted by the level of activity and stimulation he had during the day, I researched local schools and their plans for return.  We decided to switch both of our oldest kids to a small school that was taking strict Covid precautions and opened mid-August. So far, so good! Our 2 year old is still at home; we're sitting out preschool for him right now as it didn't seem the risk-reward was tipping in the favor of school for him. 

Discovering how important my work is for me, we decided to bring in a babysitter 3 days/week so that my husband and I can both have dedicated working days. He's adjusted his schedule considerably as well, becoming a housecall veterinarian instead of working in a risky office.

Why Kibou for the win? 

George, our eldest, was recently and shockingly diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, and our kids are out of the diaper phase. So my Kibou now stores all of my diabetes supplies and I pop an ice pack in to keep his medication cool.

I'm a huge fan of the Bou-Boo Bag and recently tended my husband's bike injury with the bag. He was so impressed. Kibou had me looking like Mary Poppins!

How Erin Kibous

Biggest Kibou game changer?

The grocery store. Can't imagine going grocery shopping with a bulky purse.  I also love it on bike rides. 

At all times, my Kibou holds my credit card, ID, phone, keys and wipes. And now it holds a mask and hand sanitizer. I always bring the Bou-Boo Bag with me, and when I'm out with George it also keeps his diabetes supplies safe and accessible.

What’s the most unexpected thing you’ve ever packed in your Kibou?

An N-95 mask. When I first got my Kibou, it was pre-pandemic. I never imagined traveling with a surgical mask, but now I'm grateful that the Kibou is a contactless way to keep all of my belongings close to my body. 

Does your partner Kibou too?

He totally does, and so does our 8 year old! We love the dark green--it’s such a chic neutral, and it also happens to be a Totum brand color.


Anything else to add?

I love Kibou not only because it's a wonderful invention but also because the women behind it are giving, kind-hearted mothers who are truly invested in using design thinking to make life better for modern moms.  

It's the best supporting women with aligned business goals -- and who are just good people.

We think so too! And we’re incredibly grateful for the amazing community of support that Erin and her team are building across social media.  

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