#howikibou with Rosdaly Ramirez

Rosdaly Ramirez

Tell us about yourself

I’m a Latina mama from the Bronx raising two baby boys. I’m a travel bug within New York and love exploring places in the city with my sons. I’m a mom, a part-time faith blogger, and a full time school counselor at a high school. 

Who are your little ones?

Calvin is three & Lucas is turning two months old. 


With the school year in full swing, a newborn a toddler, and the whole world topsy-turvy, how are you managing? 

In the beginning it was hard. I was balancing work and being a mom at home and that was hard. I’m not sure how parents did it through a pandemic, we definitely need an award. LOL. It's been great creating balance and also having the help of my husband.  


What’s working for you and what have you had to reconsider?  

We had to reconsider whether to send our son to school or keep him home. But the more we planned out what the next few months would look like with a newborn, the more we leaned on sending him to school. And it’s the best decision we made. 

One of your creative outlets is also a gift to moms and parents. On your blog TransparentCityMom--as well as your Instagram profile--you share about your own life experiences  and reflections as a mom and a social worker. After having Calvin, you wrote a very open post about your own anxiety that I personally found so comforting. Do you mind if we share an excerpt?

From "Fear of Being an Anxious Mother" July 22, 2018     

"One of my biggest fears as I was preparing to welcome Calvin into my world was how well would I handle my anxiety around him. The thought of that made me weary. How will I explain to him my random breakdowns or the picking of my hair? Will I make him anxious? Nervous? Or worse, would he try to take on the burden on my anxiety on himself? For a long time, I felt shame about my anxiety, it was hard explaining to people why I was losing the front of my hair or telling my hair lady that I needed bangs just avoid picking at my hair. My anxiety has often ruled over my life, it’s a stealer of joy..." To continue reading visit Rosdaly's blog

And then one day searching not just for peace of mind, but for simplicity of all your stuff you found us! So do tell...What’s in your Kibou?

Since I had a baby, I’m packing small things like that wipes, two diapers, onesie (in case of an accident) debit card and ID, chapstick, phone, keys and small snack. 

Rosdaly Reel

What’s the most unexpected thing you’ve ever packed in your Kibou? 

I was amazed that my Canon camera fits in it perfectly 

Does your partner also use the Kibou?

Yes he does! He says he’s not a fashionista, but it looks great on him! Ha! (Photo proof: Dad and Calvin pictured above :)

Why Kibou for the win?

Kibou is my go-to bag for park walks, the playground, preschool pick ups and Target runs. 

Having a toddler makes this bag even more valuable. It’s easy to access everything. I LOVE the first aid Bou-Boo Bag for all the boo boo’s at the park! 

This is the perfect go-to mom fanny pack! Every time I open the changer inside, I’m mind blown. Like, how amazing is this!

Head over to Rosdaly's blog Transparent City Mama to follow her motherhood journey. 

Transparent City Mama

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