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Renee Paquette

You have an amazing bio! You were a sports broadcaster, a WWE commentator, a reality tv star on Total Divas, podcast host, and now you can add cookbook author to your resume. What did you want to be when you grew up, and how does this line up with your dreams?

Thank you!! I’ve been so lucky to have the career that I have. It’s been a blast, and some of it honestly unexpected in the best way. Initially I was always drawn to acting. That was the path I aiming to head down, but one day I decided to audition for a tv host gig with a job interviewing bands and athletes and basically the rest is history! I have been working as a broadcaster and TV personality ever since. But in terms of it lining up with the dreams I had envisioned for myself- I’ve gotten to live a life I had never expected. Met my husband. My next friends. Made history. So all in all, I’d say it worked out!Renee Paquette

You were the first woman to call an entire episode of WWE Raw. Tell us about breaking into that world and blazing a trail for other female journalists.

This was an awesome experience. When I was told that I would be doing this, I just felt ready. I felt like that was a role I could really thrive and learn in. Being the first woman to call commentary on Monday night raw was a huge honor. I was always so aware of what it meant for me, and for the women to come after me. So I always hoped that some little girl or little boy got to see or hear me doing that and know that it was an option for them too!

We have to know, what was it like to be a part of the WWE family for 8 years, and what do you miss most now that you’ve moved on? 

I loved my time at WWE. Like I said before- my time there- I met my husband, my best friends. Spent more time with these amazing people than I did with my own family. So I walked away with a ton of amazing memories, and a decent resume too haha! I definitely miss all of my people, I miss being on the road. But also man I’m glad I’m not on the road anymore haha! But once I knew it was time for me to move on, my mind and my heart were set. I have other goals that I’m working towards, and knew I had to leave WWE in order to achieve them. Now I have my podcast The Sessions on The Volume Network- an awesome group of people just crushing it in the podcast game, an XM show on Sirius called Throwing Down with Renée and Miesha- alongside the groundbreaking trailblazer Miesha Tate, and also a weekly segment on the NHL network. Which of course makes my Canadian dad very proud!Throwing down with Mischa and Renee

With nearly 3M Instagram followers and a hugely successful podcast, Oral Sessions, what is the key to staying so grounded? (Since the moment we first connected, you’ve been such a generous, kind and present person!)

Gosh, how to answer that? Honestly we’re all just people. I don’t think about it too much. Maybe that’s the self depreciating Canadian in me?! Haha

Nora is 6 months old! Now that you’re getting your sea legs as a mama, we’re curious to know:
What is the best parenting advice you’ve received?

Go with the flow! Don’t be too hard on yourself and feel bound to what everyone else is saying or doing. You and your baby know what you need! And baby cuddles are always welcome!

Renee PaquetteAnd what is the most unexpected surprises of motherhood?

Seriously- the toll it took on my body! Obviously our bodies are these incredible vessels that create human beings and nourish and nurture them. I had a really easy pregnancy and recovery from my C- Section, but it was the months after that- achy joints, sore shoulders, building new mom muscles. It’s been a wild ride! But I think now with Nora at 7 months my body is right where it needs to be! Exercise has been so so instrumental in my pregnancy and postpartum experience.

What does your routine with Nora and your AEW husband, John Good (Moxley) look like these days?

Like any parents with little babies- sleep is key! Luckily Nora is a pretty good sleeper. We’re in teething territory now, and also introducing new foods! It’s so much fun seeing her grow and her personality shine. She’s a strong girl, so she keeps us busy with all sorts of activities, and loves her Jolly Jumper!Renee Paquette

How do you juggle motherhood with maintaining your own sense of self and professional drive?

Honestly- it’s a whole new ballgame. It’s really important to me to be an example for Nora on having dreams and being ambitious and creative. I can’t wait to see what the types of things are she gravitates towards. But also just for me- it’s so key to maintain my sense of self. It’s nice to go to my studio and just be Renée and not mom for an hour or two. Also I’m so lucky I get to work from home. It makes it really easy for me to wear all of the hats required through the day.

Congratulations on your other baby of the year, cookbook Messy in the Kitchen (which should be my middle name, by the way)! Tell us how you came to the idea of publishing this book of deliciousness. What was the hardest part of writing a cookbook?

I just always wanted to have a cookbook. I love cookbooks so much. When I was on the road with WWE my passion for cooking really took off. I got so sick of room service and restaurants that being in my own kitchen and feeding myself and my family became my ‘me’ time. Same at the grocery store. I love grocery shopping! So I figured why not make my own book? I was so lucky to be able to do so and make something that felt so authentically me. From the recipes, the writing, and playlists to help set the mood, it was such a cool experience. And a lot of work! Haha the hardest part was definitely the photo shoots. Cooking all of the food, trying to look cute and casual while quite literally sweating over the stove!Renee PaquetteWith all this excitement in your life, what are you most looking forward to as 2022 unfolds?

I’m looking forward to the world hopefully balancing itself out. As more things open up and when it’s safe, I’m really excited about more opportunities to create some new shows, work with interesting people, and figure out what my next move is going to be! I’m feeling very eager and excited about this!

Finally, your Kibou. We have to ask! What’s inside??

I LOVE my Kibou bag. I am a Fanny pack girl anyways because I hate a fussy bag that I just end up overloading with junk I don’t need. My Kibou bag is perfect for my essentials. A few diapers, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, house keys, phone, and a red lip! I need nothing more! The fact that there is a fold out changing mat for Nora is so freaking cool. I think it’s the perfect bag for moms on the goal that need their hands to be free. Which, quite frankly, is all of us! Haha so thanks for hooking us up with this great option!!Renee Paquette

Photos Courtesy of: Renee Paquette, Miguel Discart via Wikipedia, and RyanLoco

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