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Girl, You make Kibou look good…

How to Style Your Kibou - Hollyn Baron

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Who says coats and Kibous don’t go together? 

We know that fanny packs and belt bags are year-round accessories out in Cali and for those of you who get warm weather most of the year. But we’re here to put the rumors to rest about the seasonality of Kibous for those of us with 4 very different seasons of the year.

Let this family photo of Hollyn and her little ones in Brooklyn be the photo evidence to prove that you can keep your Kibou by you whether you’re layered up or pared down. 

Cross body or around your waist?

Under your hood or beneath your open zipper?

You’ve got plenty of options.

But you don’t have to put it away for the season, we promise. 

Kibou Hollyn Baron

We created Kibou for two reasons: function and beauty. Our entire design is built upon the belief that these two can coexist in a perfect balance.

Just like parenting itself is all about balance. And while there are constantly sacrifices to be made, we don’t believe style has to be one of them (unless it’s willingly done, in which case, go for it, mama!

So beginning today we’re bringing you How to Style Your Kibou to share some fun ways you can refresh your style while deliberately minimizing with Kibou. 

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