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Everywhere Belt Bag Comparison: Kibou Fanny Pack vs. Lululemon Bag

Kibou Belt Bag vs. Lululemon Everwhere Belt Bag

I'm sure you've seen it before. And I bet you know what I'm talking about.

It's the black Lululemon Everywhere belt bag. This small bag has been around for a while.

As a mom attending several of my son's soccer games, it's tough not to spot one in the crowd. This small bag with that classic Lulu logo in the corner, typically worn in the front as a crossbody bag, has definitely received a lot of attention.

But there's another cool belt bag worth the hype...the Kibou fanny pack. Designed to do life with you, my Kibou bag has gone with me on several adventures - camping in our Airstream, running to the grocery, or out on the town for date night. (And that's just a few examples.)

From dog walking, changing diapers, attending music festivals, and visiting amusement parks, Kibou is that stylish grab-n-go belt bag that honestly can go anywhere. It's true.

So what’s the deal with the Lululemon bag? Am I missing out? Well, I had to compare. If you're curious as well, read on.

Why is the Lululemon Everywhere belt bag so popular?

If you love the LuLulemon style, it's easy to see why the Everywhere belt bag may sway you. I get it. It's a small, compact, lightweight bag you can wear with any outfit (including those butter-like Lulu leggings you love). And for a lower price point, I see the mass appeal.

However, there are some definite features and quality differences between Kibou and Lulu.

Belt Bag Inspection: What's Included?

What do you care about before purchasing any belt bag or purse more than style? For me…it’s all about the storage! 

Lululemon Built-In Features

There are two main features to highlight with the Lululemon bag.

1. Main pocket to hold essentials

Inside the main pocket are three mesh wall pockets in total. You can store things like sunglasses, lip gloss, or even earbuds in the main pocket space. Other Lulu fans have enjoyed using one of the mesh pockets for their phone and a smaller mesh pocket for their ID, credit card, and cash.

2. Exterior zippered pocket to secure valuables

In the exterior pocket, you can store flat items you don't mind feeling against your body. It's another spot to put your phone (if it fits) or a passport when traveling. But be cautious, anything too bulky in this pocket might poke against your body while carrying.

Kibou Belt Bag with keyring and plenty of storage

Kibou Built-In Features

With the Kibou, you have the main pocket, but it comes with two exterior pockets (one being waterproof) and an additional built-in changing pad (that can be removed).

1. Main pocket for larger storage

Inside the main pocket, you have another zip pocket to secure cash, credit cards, or additional loyalty cards you may not use daily. (ex. Library cards, grocery store, etc.) I think of this as my "wallet" space.

Another cool feature is an attached keyring clip for securing your keys (making it fast to find them) or attaching a pacifier if you have an infant. The remaining pouch space can be used for larger items like your phone, kindle, small water bottle, or snacks for yourself or the kids.

2. Exterior zipped front pocket with built-in card holders

In this smaller pocket, you have enough room to secure your most used cards (ID and go-to credit card). You can also squeeze in your favorite chapstick or lip gloss. And if necessary, your sunglasses can fit here too if small enough.

3. Exterior zipped waterproof pocket

If you're using your Kibou as a diaper bag or traveling with little kids, this is the place for your wipes. You can hold up to 20+ wipes for one week! Or if you don't have kids, I've also found this to be a great place for smaller liquid items like a travel-size lotion or small hand sanitizer I don't want leaking in my bag.

4. Built-in fold-out changing pad

One of the very cool features included in the Kibou is a built-in fold-out changing pad. You can use it for changing diapers or pull it out at an outdoor concert for a dry seat. It's easily detachable, and the pocket space can serve as a storage spot for feminine products or Kibou's bou-boo bag for those needed first-aid occasions.

After doing a side-by-side comparison, it's clear that Kibou has additional features like the detachable changing pad, waterproof pocket, and keyring, which the Lululemon Everywhere belt bag does not. Not to mention, it's roomier to put a few more items.

Belt Bag Materials and Strap

Materials like leather, nylon, or polyester may also influence your purchase decision. For example, vegan leather is environmentally friendly and animal cruelty-free, which is sometimes an important factor for consumers.

Here's a rundown of the materials for both Lululemon and Kibou bags.

Lululemon belt bag material

  • 100% nylon exterior
  • 100% recycled polyester interior lining
  • water-resistant fabric

Lululemon belt bag strap details

  • Belt measures 41.7" when fully extended

Kibou wipeable and eco-friendly vegan leather exterior

Kibou belt bag material:

  • Durable recycled vegan leather or premium nylon canvas exterior
  • Wipeable and stain-resistant nylon lining
  • Easily wipeable exterior

Kibou belt bag strap details:

  • Belt measures 33-49"

With the Kibou, you've got two exterior options - recycled vegan leather and nylon canvas. (Whereas, with the Lululemon, you’ve just got nylon.)

As someone who owns the brown vegan leather Kibou, it's so easy to wipe off and clean. Another benefit to the Kibou bag is the length of the strap. It's slightly longer, and more size-inclusive than the Lulu bag. And also what's nice is you can order a free belt extender with purchase if needed.

Storage Space: What Stuff Fits?

But onto the really good stuff...what all can you fit in each bag?

Because let's face it, depending on when and where you plan on taking your belt bag, it's crucial to understand if you have room for all your must-have items.

Check out this Instagram video we did walking through what we could fit in a Kibou vs. the Lululemon Everwhere Belt Bag.

Lululemon bag vs. Kibou Fanny Pack What Fits Checklist

You can see, depending on what you need, the Lululemon bag doesn't hold the same amount of items as the Kibou belt bag.

Yes, both seemed to hold some crucial must-haves like your keys, phone, credit cards, sunglasses, and chapstick. (Chapped lips are the absolute worst, am I right?) 

But if you're looking for a bag where a changing pad is non-negotiable or you don't want to be holding a small water bottle all the time, then the Kibou is your new BFF bag.

Belt Bag Customer Concerns

And how would any review be complete without noting customer feedback with both bags?

Here are some comments to consider that you can find right in the customer reviews section on the product pages for both brands.

Lululemon Customer Concerns

Lululemon Bag customer concerns

Kibou Customer Concerns

Kibou belt bag customer concerns

Pro Tip: If you’re having trouble with keeping those wet wipes moist, just place them inside a resealable plastic bag, and they will stay moist inside your waterproof zip pocket.

Closing Thoughts on Both Belt Bags

As with any belt bag you decide to purchase, it comes down to a set of must-haves that only you can define. Maybe it’s the style that matters most or having key features like a waterproof pocket to store wipes or other items. 

The biggest factor is choosing the right bag you love that serves YOUR needs at the end of the day.

If you loved what you read about our Kibou, shop Classic and Mini belt bags. You can join our newsletter and get 15% off today plus free shipping with your order over $75.


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