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Gifts for New Moms in 2022 (Picked by New Moms)

Gifts for New Moms in 2022 (Picked by New Moms)
Looking for the best gifts for new moms in 2022? There’s plenty of places to shop, and lots of goods and services that new moms will appreciate after bringing home their bundle of joy.

A new mom’s life is hectic. She’s running on little sleep and the constant demands of a small child. She’s transitioning from her old life into one where her needs are placed on hold and the demands of her baby are constant.

The list of possible gifts for a new mom could be much, much longer than what we’ve compiled below. However, these items are the ones we think are truly useful to new moms adjusting to their new life role in 2022.
Kibou diaper bag fanny pack

Small Diaper Bag

A lot of new moms will receive or buy a larger diaper bag for their first baby. Newborns require more stuff, and brand new moms may not want to cut back on the frills to carry only the essentials. (When you first leave the house with your new baby, the tendency is to try and be prepared for any possible situation.)

But large diaper bags become cumbersome. They’re difficult to carry around and often get overstuffed with things that aren’t necessary. A small diaper bag is a great gift for grocery runs, walks, and playground visits – helpful for any new mom to quickly get out of the house with only the essentials. What’s more, a gift of a small diaper bag like a Kibou is also something that will not only be useful for a new mom, but the design is trendy and something she can enjoy wearing.

The Kibou can be worn as a belt bag (aka fanny pack) or as a crossbody. It has a waterproof pocket for wipes, and a detachable diaper changing pad in the back pocket. The front pocket features credit card/cash slots for easy access, and the main pocket has a ring for keys or a pacifier. The main pocket is large enough for a couple of diapers, bottle, diaper cream, spare onesie, and any other small extras (sunscreen, lip balm, small first aid kit like the Boo-Bou Bag).

When you’re considering possible gifts for new moms, a Kibou is also a great option for if your new mom plans to wear her baby, which brings us to our next item on the list.
kibou fanny pack diaper bag

Baby Carrier

Baby wearing has numerous benefits for mom and baby. The Journal of Pediatrics found babywearing for three hours a day reduces infant crying by 43 percent overall and 51 percent at night. It’s also said to reduce instances of postpartum depression by promoting bonding, increasing breastfeeding success, reducing colic and increasing of oxytocin for mom.

What’s more, a lot of parents like to wear their baby vs. taking a stroller simply because there is less stuff to carry around (a minimalist approach we can get behind!)

When choosing a baby carrier, it should be one that is comfortable for both mom and baby, and positions the baby safely. Here’s some of the most popular baby carriers in 2022.

As baby carriers make breastfeeding more successful, we should cover a few other gifts that cover this area.
kibou fanny pack diaper bag

Nursing Bra

You’ll see this on any list of gifts for new moms – a comfortable nursing bra is essential for any breastfeeding mom. Whether it’s for night nursing, feeding on-the-go or pumping at work, mom needs to be comfortable while also being able to provide quick access to the breast.

There are many different options that are specifically designed for sleeping or even for working out. It’s best for a new mom to have options when it comes to a nursing bra, so it will always make a great gift. Here’s a list of some of the best nursing bras in 2022.

An optional gift to accompany a nursing bra are nursing pads for those moms with a heavy milk flow who have to deal with leakages. There’s other important things a new breastfeeding mom will need as well.

Large Water Bottle

Drinking enough water is important for everyone, but especially breastfeeding moms. Staying hydrated is crucial to milk supply, and it’s easy to forget to drink water whenever you’re trying to keep up with the demands of having an infant. A nice, large water bottle that will keep water cool and is easy to carry around is a great gift for a new mom.

Whether it’s straw or spout, glass or stainless steel, there’s plenty of quality water bottles that a new mom would love as a gift. Here’s a list of water bottles that are popular among breastfeeding moms.

Now that we’ve covered water, what about food?
kibou fanny pack diaper bag

Meal Delivery Service

When caring for a new baby, most new moms just don’t have the time or energy to cook. She certainly doesn’t have time to think about what to cook and going to the grocery store! Some of the best gifts a new mom can receive are the ones that take one of her many responsibilities off her plate.

A meal delivery service that comes with ingredients premeasured and ready to cook can be a huge help. There are dozens of meal delivery companies to choose from that range in price and dietary preferences. Here are some of the best meal delivery companies that are available in most parts of the U.S. You could also take it one step further and order gift cards for takeout, or a Goldbelly card to let her choose between meal kits or restaurants.

Services that help around the house continue to be some of the most popular gifts for new moms in 2022.

Cleaning Service

Among other gifts to ease the burden of household burdens after the arrival of a new baby is a cleaning service. Houses with new babies can get really messy, really quick. And just as with cooking, there’s just no time or energy to get to it. Most new moms would appreciate a visit from a cleaning service to help get their house back in order.

Available cleaning services vary from place-to-place and you’re likely to get the best service from a local company!

Baby Shower bundle kibou diaper bag fanny pack

Start Shopping the Best Gifts for New Moms in 2022

Some of the other possible gifts not included on this list would still be greatly appreciated by new moms – things like facial or hair care products for those moments she gets to herself (IF she gets those moments). There’s also more baby products like swings, rockers and pack-and-plays that can give mom a few moments with her hands free (IF her baby will stay in them). And let’s not forget the Boppy pillow – every new mom needs one of these for breastfeeding or propping the baby up from time-to-time.

We advise you to check with the new mom you’re shopping for and see what she didn’t get from her baby shower, and you can fill in the gaps accordingly. We’ve given you plenty of places to browse gifts for new moms in 2022 - start shopping today!

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