When Covid-19 keeps you from going back home...for 6 months

One of the most rewarding parts of launching a company on Kickstarter was having cheerleaders and believers in Kibou by our side even before their bags arrived in the mail. Since the successful completion of Kibou's Kickstarter campaign last September, we've heard from so many of our customers, and we ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

Dianna is one of those early Kickstarter backers who found us by searching for "minimal diaper bags". We've loved getting to know Di by email, and we're inspired by her adaptability and strength as she navigates parenthood in a new country.

Dianna and her family left their home in Ninjang, China in January for what was supposed to be a 5 week holiday, but then COVID took a global turn for the worse. So, here we are half a year later, and they are still displaced in New Zealand unable to return home. Read our email exchange below to learn more about Di's experience:

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