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Best Gifts for Second Babies (and their parents!)

Best Gifts for Second Babies (and their parents!)

It goes without saying that the second time you do anything it’s always different from the first. You go in with eyes wide open--perhaps a little less fear or anxiety--and a lot more insight into what you can expect. Having your second baby is no different.

So when it comes time for your friends and family to shower you with love and gifts for that second baby (or third), what you wish for is likely much different from the first time around. 

If you’re on the hunt for the best gifts for second babies, let us share some insider intel with you.


Having a Second Baby is Different from the First

After you have your first child, you know that there’s so much that you don’t know and you can’t know until you go through it. Perhaps you’re a little more comfortable with the notion that you can’t control everything--though you’d love to be able to. You know that there are surprise ailments (coxsackie, anyone?) and growth spurts (and sleep regressions!) hiding around every corner. 

But you are also more confident because you know the experience. You no longer have to rely on others to tell you what to expect or what you’re going to feel. 

With your first baby maybe you registered for baby shower gifts based on what your friends loved or your family recommended. With your second baby, you have a chance to start fresh where you want to, choose the best and latest gear that you’ve seen, and of course you have a ton that you can reuse from baby #1.

What You’ll Reuse:

  • Baby Monitor
  • Crib (if your older one is now in a bed)
  • Single Stroller
  • Car seat (check the expiration date to be sure)
  • Clothes
  • Rocker/glider
  • Nursing pillow
  • Bouncy seat and swings
  • Sound machine

What You’ll Reconsider:

  • Your diaper bag (Something smaller? Lighter? Easier to wear and use?)
  • Diaper brands (comfort, absorption, eco-friendly, subscription service?)
  • Second stroller (Double? Front and back or side by side? Detachable standing board?)
  • Maternity clothes--pre and post-natal
  • Bassinet
  • Breast pump (portable? wearable?)

What You’ll Want to Buy New:

  • Baby’s hospital outfit
  • Swaddle blankets
  • Pacifiers and loveys 
  • Bottles (or nipples) and formula

Best Gift for Second Babies

Most second time parents have come to very much appreciate getting out the door in less time with less stuff. Gone are the days of packing a massive diaper bag with every single thing you can think of. Second time parents want less, not more. We want high quality, perfect solutions to all that we now have to handle with two (or more!) little ones. 

More confidence + less stuff + higher quality + time & space-saving solutions= Best gifts for second babies

Kibou Baby Shower Bundle

Our Top Recommendations:

1. Kibou’s Baby Shower Bundle: 

What it is: a Deliberately Minimal Diaper Bag--complete with a compact, detachable changing pad and a waterproof pocket for wipes--PLUS baby wipes, Pop & Go Pacifier (with a built-in case to protect from dirt), ultra slim hand sanitizer, and first aid Bou-Boo Bag for yourself and your bigger kids.

Why it’s the best: New parents could all use a second brain and at least one less thing to worry about. Kibou makes it easy to remember all you need and stay light on your feet.  With all the functionality you need to change your little one, and space for your older one’s snacks and your essentials. The Baby Shower Bundle is complete with those items you never want to leave home without--wipes, pacifier, sanitizer and first aid supplies, making it the best gift any new parent could ever want.

meal train

2. Meal Train:

What it is: Prepared meals! Coordinate a schedule amongst friends and family to bring dinner over to the new parents. Pro Tip: schedule someone every 2-3 nights for as long as your friend-list lasts. While the first couple weeks are tough, newborns sleep a LOT at first. Weeks 3-12 are often the hardest. Also be sure to check on food allergies and coordinate with the others, so they don’t get 3 lasagnes in a week.

Why it’s the best: Preparing food is likely the last thing any new parent feels like doing. And what better gift than a full, happy (even healthy?) belly for exhausted parents and siblings?!

3. Gift Cards or Memberships:

What it is: There are so many gift cards to consider--Target, Yumi or other baby food delivery service, their favorite restaurant, the nearest grocery store, or even the car wash in their neighborhood. For mom, consider a pre/post-natal massage.

When it comes to Memberships, we’re big fans of Costco for the family and Lovevery or Kiwi Crate for the older ones (now available for ages 0-104!)

Why it’s the best: They can get exactly what they need when they need it, and they’ll be grateful to you for making it free--even if that’s a car without old dried mango, 3 pounds of sand, and smeared yogurt (or is that sunscreen?) all over the back seat. 

With LoveEvery and Kiwi Crate, your gift of entertainment and engagement for the little ones is also a gift to the parents.

child entertainment

4. Entertainment for the Older Child:

What it is: Make plans to take the new big brother or sister out for a day of fun (mini golf, perhaps?) or get a gift that will keep them entertained. Arts and Crafts, Legos or Play-doh are great for this, if you’re not looking to spend a lot on a membership like those above.

Why it’s the best: Whether you make plans to take the older child out for a few hours, or you give a gift that will entertain them while everyone is focused on the baby, the parents and older sibling both will be so grateful for the thoughtfulness.

5. A Gift from their Registry:

What it is: Likely there are a few upgrades the second time parents want for baby #2. Hopefully they’ve put together a new registry so you can gift them exactly what they want and need.

Why it’s the best: There’s no guessing whether or not it will be the perfect gift!

Being a Parent the Second Time Around

A note to the second time Mom or Dad-to-be: Don’t miss the opportunity to revisit and revise any of those frustrations with your current products and gear. A second baby is the perfect time for an upgrade.

Can’t think of what I mean? Here’s one: your baby’s humidifier. How impossible was it to clean and sterilize? There are better ones to register for, we promise. Or what about baby pajamas; did you only have ones with snaps? There are zippers, folds, and even magnetic ones these days! Don’t waste your time on snaps. Other items that have come a long way? Check out some of the newer diapers on the market--whether they are greener (like Abby & Finn) or softer and more absorbent (like Coterie). 

And then there’s peri and post-natal care with incredible options for nursing bras, better hospital underwear and ice packs, and even amazing classes to restore your core and help you feel comfortable in your changing body. 

Take the time to make a new baby registry or to ask for the baby shower gifts that will really make a difference for you. Afterall, having a happy second baby starts with happy, well-taken care of parents. 

Photos courtesy of: @mixedmombrownbabies, Cristiano Pinto, and Sigmund via Unsplash

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