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Best Baby Shower (And Baby Gifts) Minimalist Moms Will Love

baby shower and baby gifts for minimalist moms

 Your close friend is having a new baby, and you're excited to throw her a baby shower. But she loves the minimalist lifestyle, and you need some ideas.

Sound familiar?

The good news is you've landed in the right place, and we're here to help you plan.

After all, a baby shower should be a fun moment for that special mom-to-be in your life to celebrate her pregnancy with family members and friends who love her.

And for a minimalist mom, it's no different. Just forget all the supplies like streamers and confetti. Instead, focus on hosting a baby shower with a theme focused on simplicity and intention.

If you do that, she's sure to love it!

How Do You Throw a Minimal Baby Shower?

Remember one key thing - less is more.

Minimalist mothers and new parents appreciate less stuff and intentional baby shower gifts. 

For example, you could buy a baby book instead of a card, then write a sweet message on the inside cover. Once the baby arrives, the new parents can have a personalized book to read to their little ones. (This kind of thoughtful gift is packed with intention.)

This goes for the added decorations, too. There's no need to purchase things only to be used once and thrown out. Your minimalist mom won't feel good about that.

Try to focus on using decorations that can be used for multiple things long after the shower. And choose environmentally friendly materials when you can. The idea is to waste less and not overthink things.

The most important priority is to make it a special day. 

minimalist mom-to-be hugging friend in home at baby shower

Hosting Your Minimal Baby Shower

Keep it intimate.

A great place to host guests is your home. Include close family and friends on the guest list. A minimalist mom doesn't want it to be a big affair - just those she loves and cares about surrounding her.

Baby Shower Invitations

Opt for a simple design.

If you can send the baby shower invitations electronically, do it. But if you do decide to go with printed invitations, choose one with an easy-to-read font made of recyclable paper if possible (especially if your minimalist mom is into that).

The main takeaway is to make it easy. Don't get caught up in all the options.

Minimal Baby Shower Decorations

It's great to add decorations, but make sure it's items that can be repurposed. Specific baby-theme decor like baby banners and balloons likely can't be used by the new mom again.

Surprise her by carrying her minimalist lifestyle through the decor as well.

Here are a few thoughts.

diaper cake made of diapers for baby shower

Diaper cakes

Diaper cakes are a fun way to decorate for minimalist diaper showers.

You can make one larger one for a centerpiece or a few smaller ones to add a cute touch to the room. And what's beneficial is the materials they are made of can be reused (the "cakes" are made of rolled-up diapers). Unroll them after the party, and add them to your diaper collection.

The bases are usually made of size two diapers with size one added as another layer on top. You can top your fun cakes with some natural bath soaps, lotions, or minimalist toys, too. 

Cookies and cake pops

Homemade baked goods like cookies and cake pops are fun decorations for the table that are edible. And if you make enough, they can double as the cake for the celebration.

It’s a personal touch guests can take home with them after the shower and an adorable sweet treat to enjoy.

Mason jar centerpieces

Flower centerpieces in mason jars are a great way to add freshness and color to your minimalist baby shower. If you’re on a budget, consider purchasing wholesale flowers that can be delivered right to your home.

You can gift them to guests at the end of the shower on their way out the door, or you can give the jars to the mom-to-be.

Mason jars can be repurposed for storing breast milk or formula in the fridge. As the baby grows into a toddler, mason jars are handy for canning homemade baby foods or taking snacks on the go.

Potted plants

Along with mason jar centerpieces, potted plants are a nice way to decorate for a baby shower. It's simple, not requiring much-added work (other than purchasing them at the store), and they can be given away as shower gifts.

Depending on the time of year or if the mom-to-be prefers indoor vs. outdoor plants, it can help with deciding what plants to purchase.

The Food

Lean into what the mother-to-be enjoys eating.

Being intentional about what food you serve is a great way to add that personal touch to the minimalist baby shower you're hosting.

Simple breakfast or baby shower brunch

If breakfast is typically what she enjoys, find out her favorites. Maybe it's fresh pastries or bagels from a local bakery. Or maybe she has commented on a past recipe you've made for brunch.

If she's a morning person, play into that and host a shower with a simple breakfast. Just add the coffee and juice. She will love it!

baby shower afternoon tea food theme

Afternoon tea

A popular baby shower food theme is afternoon tea. It's a simple way to bring a crowd together with light sandwiches, sweet treats, and of course, tea. You can even get other family members to help.

Ice cream bar

And if you want to skip right to dessert, make it clear you're doing an ice cream bar and have the baby shower in the afternoon right after lunch.

Ensure you have classic flavors like vanilla and chocolate. Include a couple more of the mom-to-be's favorite flavors too. For those who can't have dairy, you can also provide a sherbet option.

And you wouldn't want to forget some delicious toppings like sprinkles, chocolate chips, and marshmallows. An ice cream bar makes anyone happy (especially pregnant women, lol).

Minimalist Baby Shower Games

If you're a close friend, you should know whether or not the mom-to-be is into games (we get that not everyone is a fan).

But if you do decide to play games, choose ones that encourage other moms to share their experiences, stories, and advice. Minimalist moms will really appreciate the intentional touch while having fun conversations.

Late-night diapers / Message-on-a-diaper

A fun way to share baby advice is by writing messages on diapers that new moms and dads can read during those late-night diaper changes.

Have some single diapers available on a table at the shower with some Sharpies and a cute storage basket. Each guest can write on a diaper or two sharing something funny or encouraging. Afterward, the parents-to-be will have some entertaining diapers to read when they’re changing their little ones. 

Not to mention, the stylish storage basket can be used later as a toy bin for the nursery.

What Do You Get the Mom-To-Be?

Try to stick to her baby registry as much as possible.

Maybe she's registered for baby gifts on Poppylist, where her focus isn't on more stuff but on the right stuff and being more of a deliberately minimal parent.

Keep her minimalist lifestyle in mind when deciding on what to get her or her baby.

pregnant mom wearing Kibou blush fanny pack diaper bag with son in the park

Best Minimalist Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Remember, minimalist moms don't want an abundance of gifts.

But if it is an item being purchased, it's good to consider these points:

  • Quality over quantity - Is it durable and built to last? More pieces and parts aren't typically what a minimalist mom wants.
  • Sustainable - Can it survive day-to-day use with little ones as they grow?
  • Clutter-free - Does its design only take up a small footprint in the home?
  • The following are helpful items to have for a newborn.

    Burp cloths

    My favorite ones had multiple uses.

    If you're using cloth diapers, you can use some for burp cloths (so there is no need for something separate).

    Not doing cloth diapers? These aden + anais burpy bibs were my favorite because not only were they soft and super absorbent, but they had a snap that could be used as bibs too. I continued to use them into the toddler stage.

    Kibou fanny pack diaper bag with Bou Boo bag, diapers, wipes, and must-haves

    Diaper bag

    Awarded the Bump's best small diaper bag, our Kibou minimalist diaper bag is great to buy for parents-to-be. These vegan leather fanny pack bags come in versatile colors and are most loved by new parents for their:

    • Built-in waterproof pocket that holds 20+ wet wipes for up to one week
      • Detachable changing pad that unfolds from the back flap (great for a diaper change anywhere)
      • Key or pacifier hook (forget losing either of them!)
      • High-quality recycled vegan leather exterior that's durable and wipeable

    We even have a baby shower gift bundle that comes in an eco-friendly gift box and includes our stylish and functional Kibou bag along with:

    • Abby & Finn Baby Wipes & hand sanitizer spray
    • First aid Bou-Boo Bag
    • embé Binnie Retractable Pacifier
    • And now a CPR class (valued at $49) from NAPS!

    Kibou Baby Shower Bundle with NAPS infant CPR course

    Extra diapers or cloth diapers

    If you don't know what to get a new baby, extra diapers (or cloth diapers) are an excellent baby shower gift. You can rarely have too many diapers. (Most parents can relate and agree!) Just don't buy too many of one size (some newborns go straight to size one vs. newborn size).

    Natural bath products

    Bath products like gentle soaps and shampoos are great gifts for babies. Baby towels also are a nice addition. With multiple bath times in the near future, you can't go wrong with this purchase.


    Babies can get a lot of blankets, but swaddle blankets are nice for a few different uses.

    Besides wrapping up the baby, swaddle blankets are helpful for nursing, laying them on the floor for tummy time, and covering the stroller in the hot sun when you're out for a walk.

    True, you could end up with a few, but it's a baby shower gift that can be reused in multiple ways with a baby.

    Food gift cards

    This may be the perfect gift yet. 

    Give the new parents the gift of food when they're tired from getting no sleep and have little energy to cook a meal. Prepared meals are a thoughtful gesture.

    My favorite gift when I gave birth to our first child was when a family member made us freezer meals too. It was a sigh of relief when all I had to do was thaw out the casserole and put it in the oven for dinner.

    You don't realize how nice this gift is until you're sleep-deprived and just need a break without all the clean-up.

    baby smiling with minimalist baby toy organic cotton brown bear

    Minimalist Toys

    As minimalist parents, it's about being very intentional with what your little ones play with. Learning toys that teach motor skills or encourage engagement is what is likely to be ok for the minimalist mom-to-be.

    Experienced-based gifts

    Among other gift ideas are experience-based gifts. And they can be baby shower gifts for both the new parents and their baby.

    Gifting new parents a family photography session with their new addition is extremely thoughtful and out of the box.

    Another beautiful gift is a yearly zoo membership pass. My son doesn't remember me pushing him around the stroller, but I have fond memories of getting out of the house and enjoying the zoo on weekdays with him.

    And if you want to give something just to mom to feel special, facials or massages can be great gifts to celebrate her.

    Minimalist Baby Shower Takeaways

    The minimalist mom in your life is sure to have a special day because you're already reading this article and want to celebrate her and the upcoming birth of her baby.

    (So kudos to you there!)

    Making sure she feels loved and encouraged is really what will make it unforgettable for her.

    Just remember to keep it simple and intentional. Less, in this case, is MORE.

    Purchase your Kibou fanny pack diaper bag today.

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