kibou the original fanny pack diaper bag


Created in 2017, launched in 2019, we were the very first brand to offer a belt bag that had a built-in, detachable changing pad and a waterproof wipes pocket. 

We created Kibou because there was nothing else like it on the market. We wanted to solve a problem for parents everywhere. In doing so, we found new ways to integrate technology into a fanny pack that had never existed before. The original fanny pack diaper bag was conceived.

But innovating is HARD. It takes time, patience, creativity and investment.


creating kibou

What does that look like in numbers? The Kibou design process took...

  • 14 prototypes
  • 356 parent surveys
  • 4 different designers + factories
  • 2 full years of research, design, testing and tweaking
  • 1 Kickstarter campaign (278 backers and over $30K raised in 4 weeks)
  • Plus thousands of dollars in ads to educate the market

Beyond the funds we raised, Stephanie and I put in our own money and every free minute of time that we had to bring Kibou to life. 

creating kibou

Our primary objective wasn’t to build a fashion empire, after all Steph and I had zero experience in the fashion industry. But starting Kibou wasn’t about selling high volume or creating fast-fashion. Our driving force was laser-focused on meeting parents’ needs. Our perspective as moms was that of the consumer who needs a high quality, functional, beautiful product and believes that how something is made is as important as what it is. 

When we started Kibou, there were certain things we knew we’d never compromise on:

  • Kibou is made of the highest quality, durable materials. Always safe for baby.
  • We seek out customer feedback or concerns. With each production run, we make improvements based on the input of our community
    • We support healthy work conditions + wages for our factory workers
    • All our products are California Proposition-65 compliant (no toxins that could be harmful to little ones)
      • Our products are original, unique designs that are our own. Never replicated. 
      • If we admire someone’s work, we recognize them and praise them. 
      • When we collaborate with others it’s not about the best deal or bottom line, it’s about valuing and respecting their worth and creative investment.
        • We believe in sharing with customers everything from manufacturing practices to shipping delays to brand values.
          • We saw a problem and we sought a solution. Along the way we created new technologies and a completely original design.
          • Our goal was always to find the perfect balance of functionality & fashion

            Kibou Hour Children

              We knew we didn’t want to sell a $200 belt bag, but we also recognized that it wasn’t possible to stand behind these values and to sell a discount product. Those two things just could not coexist. While we would love to sell Kibou at a price that is affordable for almost everyone, for those of us concerned with spending ethically and sustainably we know that these values come at a higher price. It is disturbing when products pop up on the market at unbelievably low prices. How is it possible for a business to make any money on $2 hamburgers or $5 t-shirts? How are their costs possibly low enough that they can afford to sell at these prices and stay afloat?

              Kibou factory

              As the saying goes, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. You just can’t make a bag as complex and high quality as Kibou for $30. And if you do, and your customer isn’t paying, then someone somewhere is paying a cost. 

              Click here to learn more about why Kibou costs $89