Hour Children

Beginning November 1, 2020 Kibou will give 1% of every sale to mothers and children affected by incarceration.

 Hour Children is a leading provider of services to women in New York State who are incarcerated or formerly incarcerated. Focused on women and their children, Hour Children supports families during a mother’s incarceration and helps families get back on their feet upon release.

Hour Children

This work includes:

  • Staffing and facilitating a nursery in the correctional facilities for pregnant women and their babies up to 18 months
  • Funding visits for children to see their incarcerated mothers
  • Providing transitional housing and wraparound services including mental health support and job training for women reentering the workforce

The recidivism rate for women who go through Hour Children’s programming is 3%, compared to 25% state-wide.

Kibou is partnering with Hour Children to provide tangible support to women and their children during their time in prison and when they are released. By donating 1% of every purchase to Hour Children, in additional to customer’s generous donations at checkout, we are able to fund the following sample initiatives: 

  • $25 provides a visitor to Hour Community Food Pantry with food for 7 meals  
  • $50 provides money for children’s lunches on visitation trips to see their mothers
  • $100 helps pay for hotel expenses when families bring children from afar to visit their incarcerated mothers 
  • $250 helps buy supplies for our child care programs 
  • $500 helps fund the transportation program for children visiting their incarcerated mothers  
  • $1000 provides a woman from the Hour Working Women Program and a child in School Fun with a laptop    

Through your purchase at Kibou today, you are lending a hand to a mother in need. Thank you for your generous support!

Hour Children

"In 1986, Sister Tesa Fitzgerald (on left), helped develop a home in Long Island City, Queens for children whose mothers were incarcerated. Sister Tesa got to know the mothers when she brought their children to visit, and quickly realized that the women would need additional support if they were to successfully reunite with their children after their release. Since then, Hour Children has become a leading provider of prison- and community-based family services to support women and children as they reunite, stabilize, and transform their lives."